Monday, January 21, 2013

Design Wall Monday - Jan 21

Earlier this weekend, this is what my design wall looked like.  A little bit of everything up there.  On the right are 2 stars from BOM projects - Scrap Happy  on top and Dancing with the Stars underneath.  At the bottom, the Skill Builder BOM - 2 blocks this month.  I hope that's not a trend.  And in the middle, an initial attempt at my ugly fabric challenge from guild in December. We have until June to make a quilt (smaller than crib size) using 7 different ugly fabrics.  The black definitely didn't work for me, so it didn't stay up long.  Anyone need 30 black half-hexagons?

However, today my design wall is much neater.  I finished the last Dancing with the Stars block on Saturday, and spent a good chunk of Sunday putting it together into a top.  Now it's all ready for borders, and the border fabric has been washed and ironed.  That is probably next weekend's project.

Here's a picture of the top minus borders.  Given the trouble I had with some of the blocks, I'm amazed at how easily it went together, and how flat it is.

The only thing left on my design wall today is this top.  All assembled and ready for borders.  I think I'm going to go with a narrow scrappy border like I have here, with a wider border in the background colour outside it.

Check out Judy's design wall Monday post, to see what everyone else is up to today.


  1. OMG, your Dancing with the Stars is outstanding!!!!

  2. The DWS is fabulous!! You did a nice job with the dimensional look of the reds and blues for the ribbons! I really like the next quilt with the scrappy border and then the background as a border. Wonderful idea.

  3. Thanks,but I can't take all the credt for Dancing with the Stars. It's a block of the month project.

  4. Love your Dancing quilt top. That is just beautiful. And I liked the mixed up design wall, that is what mine usually looks like and it says I am working on several things and not bored in the least. :-)