Thursday, 31 January 2019

Joshua's Star

This quilt is from Missouri Star Quilt Company. I did a demo for my guild last year, and picked "Joshua's Star" - mostly because I'd never seen it before. Then, when the demo was done I made enough additional blocks to make a donation for Victoria's Quilts Canada. The block uses 4 prints and 4 background layer cake squares - and makes 2 blocks each time.  So it was a quick quilt to make. 

The binding is a continuous bias binding made from 9 of the leftover layer cake squares.

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Summer Sampler

Last year, I joined in on the Summer Sampler project put on by Freshly Pieced. I decided to use my own fabric, in an effort to make a dent in my scraps. And I really liked the rainbow layout in the sample, so I tried that.

Additionally, I knew this quilt would end up as a donation, so I resized all the blocks to 10" blocks so the end result would be 50x70". That sounded great, until I figured out that taking a12" block down to 9" is easy, but 10" is a bit more tricky.

However, I persevered and this is the final result. A little scrappy binding to finish it off, and finish number two for 2019 is in the books. And it's headed off to Victoria's Quilts.

Friday, 25 January 2019

Butterfly OBW

I bought this beautiful fabric last year on my birthday. I was shop hopping with a friend, who was looking at every fabric with a view to its suitability to be a one block wonder. She found this in the last shop we visited, but was determined to hold firm and not buy any more fabric after her earlier purchases.  I couldn't let it just sit there, so I rescued it :)

There is a LOT going on here, with all of the colours.  But hopefully I can make something of it all.

I eventually decided that cubes would spice it up, and maybe give it some sort of focus, so I dug through my stash for some suitable fabrics.

The borders were purchased a few weeks later, at a completely different shop. I walked in an saw this border print and said to myself "Those look like the prefect colours for that butterfly quilt. I purchased 2 meters on a whim and a hope that I was right. Turns out, the print was from the exact same line as the original fabric!  No wonder the colours were so perfect.

I had thought at one point that I could applique some of the original, large-scale, butterflies onto the top - maybe flying out of some of the cubes. But the quilt is so busy that it turned out to be a bad idea.

I had my butterflies fussy cut already, so instead I repurposed a backing that has been hanging around for YEARS, and put some butterflies on it instead.  Quilting is now complete, and final pictures to come as soon as I get the binding on.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Good Fortune

Making progress on my Bonnie Hunter Good Fortune quilt. At retreat this week I got the center put together and the first three of four borders.

Now I have to make all the blocks for the final border, because I switched the colors after the reveal. I think they will be light purple/dark purple.

I love this quilt, but didn't want something really big, so I left two rows off. That kept the center balanced. But what I did not realize is that the shorter edge was then not the right size for an even number of the small bonus triangles used in border #2. So I tweaked the middle of each of those two borders to make it fit.

This also means that my last border is not going to fit, so I'll have to think about how I'll tweak that one.

Monday, 21 January 2019

First of 2019

My first official finish of 2019!

I bought this fabric over 5 years ago, because I loved it. Then it sat around for a while, and I realized I didn't love it any more. So it sat a bit longer.

I was heading to a retreat a couple of years ago and tossed the pile of fabric into my bag as a "just in case" project, for if I finished everything else. I had no idea what I would do with it, but I was sure something would come to me.

And sure enough, on day three I was hunting for something else to do. So out came this fabric and some paper to come up with a plan. The end result is based loosely on a pattern I've seen online, but sized and tweaked to fit the fabric I had available. Every single scrap of the print was used, and most of the others.

This quilt was on my UFO list all last year, so I decided it deserved first chance on the longarm this year. It's all done now and will head off to Victoria's Quilts s soon as it's had a nice trip through the washer.

Friday, 18 January 2019

Border play

I am loving my new computerized longarm machine (well, not so new anymore). I took the opportunity recently to play with some computerized border placements on a quilt I was doing. This photo could be better, but there are are 3 different borders, all different sizes and patterns (this is the back of the quilt, which shows the quilting a bit better than the front).  I think by the time this was all done I had pretty much figured out the intricacies of placing borders with Quilt Path.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

High Tech Tucks

This is actually a 2018 finish. It's just been waiting for me to get around to posting about it. I took a class in December with one of my guilds - "High Tech Tucks".  The background is a panel, and it is overlayed with fabric strips - black on one side and ombre on the other.  Portions of the strips are "flipped" to give the bright path down the quilt (yes, the picture is sideways).

The class was a lot of fun, and I definitely learned some things during it.  The quilt is complete, all the way to a hanging sleeve, so hopefully it will find its way onto the wall in my longarm room soon.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Winding Ways

In 2015, one of my guilds ran a "Crayola" challenge. You picked a crayon, and had to make a quilted object using only that colour. I got grey.  I was very uninspired by that selection at first, but once I realized how many shades of grey one could find, things got a little more interesting.

I thought about what quilt I wanted to make, and remembered that I had a template set for Winding Ways (which I must have bought around 2008), that I never used. So, a plan was born.  The challenge was due in June 2016, but I figured I could make a lap quilt in that time.  I plugged along, and by April I had this much don. Looking good - except none of those pieces are actually sewn together.

Around that point, I abandoned the idea of finishing in time for the challenge, and decided to make the quilt a bit larger as a potential gift down the road. So, I grew.  And grew. And I ran out of fabric.  But then I found some more. And it grew again.   Eventually it became big enough for my queen bed. After this photo was taken, the final border (a 6" dark border) was added. And now the poor baby resided in the "to be quilted" pile, patiently awaiting its turn.

I have grand ideas - and eventually I'll get up the never (and the time) to try bring them to life on the quilt.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

2019 UFOs

I made such fantastic progress on my 2018 UFO list (18 UFOs completed) that I'm going to try again. I'm still way up there in UFOs (25 to quilt, 13 in progress), so I'll aim for 19 in 2019.  12 official ones for the UFO challenges, and an extra 7 to throw in as I have time throughout the year.
My list of UFOs for this year is here.

If I can find a place to link it up I will, but I'm a bit late. I will however be following along each month with PatchworkTimes and APQ

Here's my list of all outstanding projects on Jan 1, 2019

Tops in progress

  1. spinning star
  2. small bulging checkerboard
  3. squedge stripes
  4. ombre quilt
  5. Patchwork Year 
  6. Gardener's Alphabet
  7. Apple Core 
  8. Cathedral Window 
  9. string star 
  10. Bonnie Hunter Good Fortune
  11. Turquoise orphan blocks 
  12. Blue border print one block wonder
  13. Italy OBW (needs 2 more rows)
Tops to quilt
  1. Winding Ways - top done Apr 2018
  2. purple/olive quilt (needs borders) - top done Jan 2018
  3. mini one block wonder - top done
  4. 3-D cubes quilt - top done
  5. Row by Row (Water theme)
  6. Edge of 17 shop hop
  7. Tell it to the stars - Patchwork Times 2014
  8. Border Creek mystery
  9. Kaffe Handkerchief 
  10. recipes wall hanging
  11. paper pieced houses
  12. paper pieced stars
  13. Easy Street - Bonnie Hunter 2012
  14. Block of the week
  15. One fabric quilt
  16. modern abstract quilt
  17. Triangle log cabin table runner
  18. diamond chain
  19. reflections of the north
  20. Judy Niemeyer Storybook Pastures - top done, October 2018
  21. Block Party Turquoise - top done, July 2018
  22. Paris One Block Wonder 
  23. Swoon
  24. baby swoon
  25. Summer sampler
Other UFOs (need binding etc.)
  1. Confetti
  2. Baby Makes 3
  3. Butterfly OBW
Plus current projects (not yet UFO worthy)
  1. OVQG Mystery
  2. Almonte Guild mystery
New Projects started
  1. Murder Mystery quilt
  2. CQA Mystery

Fabric bought
  1. green/white OBW 
  2. Butterfly OBW

Sunday, 6 January 2019


The big reveal of Bonnie's Hunter's Good Fortune mystery came out! I love the quilt. But this is what my version is looking like :(

Not good :( I switched the colors around so I knew things would be different than Bonnie's. But that green just is not working for me in any location. It's going to have to go.

I kind of like this. But there isn't enough of that fabric to make all the blocks.

Digging through my stash, I found a similar but darker fabric which isn't too bad. My fellow quilters declared it just right (or maybe what they meant was best of a poor selection)

I'm going to continue on, although I did decide to make it a smaller quilt, which might just mean I have enough of that other fabric...

While I contemplate options, I'll continue making these blocks. The more I think about it, the more I think I like the idea of at least a few blocks in the other fabric. And with all the extra 4-patches we made, I can definitely make up a few, risk-free.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Guild Challenge

Last year, one of my guilds had a panel designed by Grace Noel when she spoke at our guild.  Everyone received one fat quarter, and our president challenged us all to make a project using the fabric.  A lot of bags were made, but I wanted to do something different. I've been on a One-Block Wonder kick lately, and decided that would be a perfect way to show off the panel.
I reached out to the designed, snagged an extra 8 fat quarters, and tried to create a wall hanging from that.

A few false starts, and I eventually ended up with this layout.  I wanted a couple of borders to set it off, and decided to use the blocks on the back of the quilt to avoid getting too big.

Carefully stitched 1/4" dark border, a blue flange on the binding, and my wall hanging was ready for the reveal at our December meeting.

The quilting design is intended to look like water, keeping with the theme of the river flowing through the center.

And the back - the extra blocks from 8 of the 9 panels I used.