Sunday, 31 January 2010

Stash Report - Jan 31

Wow, the last day of January.  Where did this month go?  I know where this last week went - it was spent sewing.  I got lots done, and made great dents in my stash.

First, I made some pillow cases for KonKerr Cancer.  Quick and easy, and a great way to use of some of the kiddie prints that I have.  They are just too bold for using in quilts (except maybe as backings), but they made wonderful bright pillow cases when paired up with some of my bright tone-on-tone fabrics.

They were a lot of fun, and quick to make, so I made some more.

I also worked hard on my son's quilt this week.  I just have the final border to finish to complete that top.  No pictures yet, though.

Totals for this week:
8 yards - pillow cases
.75 yard - lotto blocks
1 3/4 yard - baby quilt
2 1/4 yard - Grant's quilt
1/2 yard - cat pillow
Total out this week:  13 1/4 yards

In this week - nothing.  Once again I've managed to stay out of quilt shops this week.

Total in this year - 37 yards
Total out this year - 37 1/4 yards

Net this year: 1/4 yard OUT
Yay!! I've made it into the black this week.  And I've only cut the fabric for one of the 2 quilts I bought for earlier this month.

Check out Judy's blog to see how other quilter's have done this week.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Bits and pieces

I read on another blog recently, how the author made cat pillows from the scraps created at her cutting table.  It sounded like a great idea, so I tried it myself.  I cut a piece of fabric about 15" x 40", and stitched 2 sides closed.  Then I tossed in all the scraps from my cutting table.

The pillow filled up pretty quickly, and it made me feel a lot less guilty about throwing out those little pieces that I'm sure someone could make into a cute little quilt.  I, however, am not a miniature quilter, so when I save them they just make me feel bad for not using them.  And they clutter up my scrap boxes so that I can't get to anything.  Here's the first pillow - already in use.

Of course, this is the cat who will sleep just about anywhere ... including inside a backpack filled with books.  So it's hard to say if that means much.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Happy Dance!

It's done!!!  I'm doing a happy dance, because I am so glad to have this quilt finished.  5 years is way too long - especially for a UFO that's out in plain sight, and not hiding quietly in a box somewhere. 

This poor little quilt sat out for so long, the colour in the background faded from off-white to white.  I was going to do a skinny binding with the same fabric as the background, but the colour difference in the quilt and the leftover fabric was really noticeable.   Oddly, the dark blue hardly faded at all, and fortunately I had some leftover.

I decided, as I hunted for a suitable binding, that I had looked at this quilt long enough, and rather than being a wall hanging, it is going to be donated to the local children's hospital.   They want quilts about 24" square, so I added a wide binding to bring this one up to size.  That was an adventure in itself.  I've only ever done 1/4" bindings in the past.   Now I understand better the logic and math behind the mitred corners on continuous binding.  And I only had to rip it out once to get it right.

It's done.  I am happy with the outcome.  But I do wish it hadn't taken me so long to finish that I was sick of seeing it around.  Maybe I'll try another one - and endeavor to finish it in a reasonable length of time.

I've entered this quilt in the Weekly Themed quilt contest (two colour quilts, this week) at  On Friday voting will open for this week - please drop by to check out the quilts.   And vote for me :)

Edited to add link.  Go here to vote, between now and Sunday Jan 31!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

An Empty Frame

Look at this!!   The hoop is empty.  That means that I made progress on the Hawaiian quilt, and was finally able to take  it off the frame.  The waves of guilt it was sending out, coupled with a request by my son to join him in watching a movie, finally combined to get the quilting finished on this wall hanging.

Cari isn't quite sure what to make of this, however.  She and the other kitties loved jumping up on top of the quilt.

In addition to that, I have a finish for this week, as posted yesterday.  Morning Splash is now complete.

I'm definitely making progress on my quilt list - this accountability challenge is a big help.  Without the pressure of knowing I had to post something today, I probably would have continued to ignore that Hawaiian quilt.

Here's the UFO list:
- a Hawaiian wall-quilt that's been on my frame since 2005 (Just needs binding now)
- a picture quilt from my 2005 trip to Mexico
- a set of 3 wall quilts (need final embroidery and to be hung) (started in 2008)
- a stained glass dragon (started in 2009)
- tumbling blocks (started in 2009)
- reversible quilt (started in 2009)
- kaleidoscope quilt (started in 2009)
- bargello quilt (Sept 2009)
- Star mystery quilt (needs quilting binding) (Sept 2009)
- Morning Splash (needs quilting binding) (Nov 2009)

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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Morning Splash

Morning Splash is Done!  I put the final stitches in to the binding last night, and attached a label.  I really like this quilt that Judy designed.  The quilting doesn't show in this picture (I'm going to have to learn how to take better quilt pictures, I guess).  I used a variegated thread in purple, and a green backing to match the background/accent colours in the quilt.

The quilt's about 50x70, and the perfect size for cuddling under while watching TV.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Making progress

I worked on my son's quilt this weekend.  I made quite a bit of progress, and the quilt is really starting to come together.  I brought my son in to see the quilt as it stood at noon, as shown at left, because I wanted to make sure he was going to like the colours.   He liked the colours, but was a little concerned that the quilt was going to end up this funny shape :)   I reassured him that it would not, and went back to work on the outer rows.

The pattern called for full blocks in these outer rows, which would then be trimmed by 1/2 to make the quilt.  But that seemed like  a lot of waste to me.  So I made a series of partial blocks, to minimize the waste (and to minimize the number of those annoying split-triangle pieces that I would have to make).

Now his quilt has all of these funny edges around it.

This is my what's on my design wall for this week.  By next week it should have all the rows sewn together and the edges squared up.  Check out Judy's blog to see what other quilters have on their walls this week.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Stash Report - Jan 24

I managed to stay out of the quilt shops again this week.   Actually, that's not quite true.  I picked up some rules yesterday for my next quilt,  and an OTT-lite so I can see what I'm doing at night.  But I did manage to escape without buying any new fabric.

I've made some good progress on the current quilt, and thus made a nice dent in the stash this week.

5.5 yards used for my son's quilt
1.5 yards used for backing on a baby quilt

Total this week
7 yards out
0 yards in

Total this year: 13 yards in

Slowly edging my way in the right direction.   Check out Judy's blog to see other stash reports this week.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Quilt Guilt

Thanks to Judy's quiltathon, I got a lot of quilting done this past weekend.  Finished one quilt, and have 2 others in the binding stage.  

Do you think that unfinished quilts try to make us feel guilty?  Now that I've acknowledged their existance, a couple of my UFOs are sending out waves of guilt, crying "finish me next!".  I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out.  There are some notable UFOs still hanging around, although not as many as before.

The Hawaiian quilt has not left its corner all week.  It sits quietly and emits waves of guilt when I pick up any other hand sewing.  The dragon is sleeping not-so-quietly in the box I packed it into last year.  It's starting to rumble for air and sunshine, and I swear the box is leaning farther out of the closet every day.  And yet I avoid them.

I'm quite sure that if I take the Hawaiian off the frame and quilt it unframed, it will go faster.  But I worry that this would change the look of the quilting, so I have not done that.  And thus it sits, and waits.

The dragon is stretched thin, fabric wise, so I really need to move forward on that so I can figure out what extras I need to buy.  Ooh, a shopping trip!  Could that be incentive to finish this one?  Nope.  Not yet, apparently.

Ah well.  Since it's Wednesday today, here's an update on my Accountability Challenge.  My goals for this week do not include dragon nor Hawaiian projects.  This week, I hope to finish the binding on at least one of the 2 quilts from last weekend, and to make some more blocks for my son's quilt.

Here's the UFO list:
- a Hawaiian wall-quilt that's been on my frame since 2005
- a picture quilt from my 2005 trip to Mexico
- a set of 3 wall quilts (need final embroidery and to be hung) (started in 2008)
- a stained glass dragon (started in 2009)
- tumbling blocks (started in 2009)
- reversible quilt (started in 2009)
- kaleidoscope quilt (started in 2009)
- bargello quilt (Sept 2009)
- Star mystery quilt (needs quilting binding) (Sept 2009)
- Morning Splash (needs quilting binding) (Nov 2009)

Pop over to Bari's blog to see what other quilters have been up to this week.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Design Wall Monday - Jan 18

It's been a busy weekend for me.  Judy's quiltathon was great inspiration to get some stuff done.  I concentrated mostly on finishing projects (1 quilt done, 2 ready for binding), but I did start a new project and I made some progress on my leaders & enders project too.

First, a block I just showed on my last quiltathon post. This is the start of a quilt for my youngest son.  I sure hope he likes the colours.   There's a long way to go on this project, so this first block is my incentive to continue.  I expect you'll see it a few more times before the quilt is done :)

And a few more half-sqaure triangles from the leaders and enders. Green this time.   Still not sure exactly what the end result is going to look like.

Drop by Judy's blog to see what other quilters have on their walls today.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Quiltathon - Day 2

It's been another fun day of quilting, at Judy's virtual quiltathonI started the day by pin basting a couple of quilt tops that were ready.  Didn't actually quilt them however, because I had other plans for the sewing machine today.  Nice bright backs, and the orange one is pieced from stash, which will help next week's stash report :)

After setting those aside (where they quickly became a bed for one of my cats) I started on my son's quilt.  It's been a while since I made a full size quilt rather than a throw.  It took a lot longer than I expected to sew 32 strips together and then cut them into sections.  This is where I was at noon, all set to create the 4-patches.

The afternoon got the 4-patches created, and I started looking at the next step. That's when I realized that my ruler and their instructions didn't match :(   So I measured and debated, and thought about it.  And finally decided that I could resize the blocks to make this work.

Hopefully the overall size will still work out, or I'll have enough fabric to make an extra row of blocks to increase the size.  But, after all that thinking and redesigning, I have these piles on my work table.  The triangle blocks are 3-3/4 inches, rather than the 4-1/2 inches from the pattern.  And hence the small block on the left was resized too (which is good, because their fabric requirements were cut way too close and I wasn't going to have enough of the center fabric for the original size block)

I put this sample block up on my wall - as encouragement to keep going on this quilt next time I get into my sewing room.  I must thank my friend, Canuckgal, for her help picking the colours for this quilt.  I think it's going to look great in my son's room.

Thank you Judy, for hosting a great weekend quiltathon.  I can't wait to participate again.  Now, I'm heading off to make some banana bread before the kids return, and then I'll settle in for the night with one of the quilts from yesterday, to work on the binding.

Stash Report - Jan 17

This has been a pretty good week for my stash.  Thanks to Judy's quiltathon (which is still going on), I've done a few yardage-intensive projects and managed to decrease my stash by a fair chunk.    And, since I've been busy quilting today, there were no fabric store visits to increase the stash.  Here's this week's stash status.  Check out Judy's blog to see how other quilters have done this week.

Fabric out this week:

3 yards - New leaders for my quilting frame
4.5 yards - backing/binding for star mystery
1 yard - cat pillow
1 yard - border/binding/sleeve for bargello quilt
2.25 yard - borders and backing for baby quilt

Total out this week:
11.75 yards

In this week - Zero

Net this year:  20 yards in

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Quiltathon - Day 1 complete

I'm having a great time with Judy's quiltathon this weekend.  Day one is just about over for me, because it's getting late.  But I'll be back tomorrow, hoping to make even more progress.

The big news for today is completion of the bargello quilt I started last year.  I even got the binding hand-stitched.  This quilt didn't end up exactly as I imagined it, but with a little bit of imagination I think the waterfall effect is there.  For a first attempt at a bargello, which I designed myself, I'm pretty happy with it overall.

Check out Judy's blog to see what other quilters were up to today, at the quiltathon.  And join us tomorrow for more updates.

Quiltathon Progress

Despite my late start this morning, I've made excellent progress with Judy's Quiltathon.   Three quilts ready for final binding stages, and my banister is now clear of hanging treasures :)

I'm glad I picked quiltathon weekend to tackle these, the first one in particular.  I needed to finish the quilting on my Stars mystery quilt.  But this was not at all as easy as I had hoped, and I considered giving up a few times this morning.  First, I must admit that my feathers leave a lot to be desired.   Practice is required.  Then I broke four needles, trying to finish the feathers.  Not fun, especially when I didn't want to have to go shopping and give up a couple hours of quilting time.

And then I had what I thought was a great idea, to do some detail quilting in the middle of each star.  Lovely idea, but there were 23 stars, so that took a lot longer than I expected.   But I think it came out nicely (better than the feathers, anyway).

So why am I so happy I tackled this frustration today?  It was quiltathon day, so instead of tossing in the towel (quilt?) and plopping my butt down in front of the TV, I persevered and pushed through the frustrating parts.  Because I planned to quilt today, and I was going to quilt today, and I was going to finish that quilt before I started something else.

Now I'm going to take a break, find something for dinner, and do some hand-stitching on the bindings tonight.


Is everyone ready for a quiltathon?   'Cause here we go!  My chores are done, the sewing room is clean, and my projects are lined up and waiting for me.

First up - finish the quilting on the star mystery.  I wanted to do a bit of detail quilting, and with the size of my machine I figure it will be easier to do off the frame.  So that's up first, since the thread is already loaded.  Then, attach bindings to the 2 quilts pictured here, and add borders to a couple of others.

If all goes well, I'll get all that done, and then spend some time with some handstitching tonight, to finish the borders on these 2 quilts.   Then tomorrow I'll be able to pick - finishing a work in progress, or cutting into my son's quilt (I think I know which will win).

Friday, 15 January 2010

Get Set ...

Well, the sewing room is all ready for tomorrow.  The table is cleaned off.  A stack of DVDs is ready to roll.  And one of my projects is waiting for me (borders on a small quilt). 

My sewing table is cleared off too, and ready to go.  The room got rearranged when I put the quilting frame away.  I think I'm going to like this new setup, as it seems much more roomy.  My chair used to back up against the end of the couch, so it always felt a bit crowded.

I hope I don't regret not stopping in at the quilt store today.   I broke 3 needles trying to finish the quilting on the star quilt :(   And I just realized I don't have any spare rotary cutter blades.  But, we'll see how it goes.  I am looking forward to this weekend.

Get Ready ...

This weekend is Judy's quiltathon.   So tonight, I will be preparing for that.   In order to best make use of time this weekend, I need to do a few things today.  First, I want to get my star mystery off the quilting frame.  I got about 1/2 the quilting done last night, so I should be able to finish it up tonight.

Then, I need to clean.  It will be much easier to spend a day quilting if I can actually find my cutting table, and get at my sewing machine.  It looks bad, but I don't really think it will take too long, so I should be able to get that sorted out tonight.

Ideally, I'll do my grocery shopping tonight. That way I won't have to worry about it this weekend, and when the kids come home there will be food for them for next week.  Otherwise I'll have to steal a couple of hours and do that on Sunday, and that would be very sad for my quilting progress.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Tumbling Down

I put the final stitches in the sleeve and label Friday night, and my tumbling block quilt is now complete and hanging in a place of honour.  I think this is my favourite quilt ever.  I've had this design rolling around in my head for a long time, and it came out just how I'd imagined it.

For those who didn't see my posts last year, this quilt is entirely pieced.  No applique, and no paper piecing either.  I don't enjoy doing either of those methods, so I did my best to avoid them when I made this quilt.  However, I cut more diamonds and sewed more Y-seams than I ever want to see again, in doing this quilt :)

Since it's Wednesday today, here's an update on my Accountability Challenge.  I finished 2 items off the list, and made progress on a couple of others.   The quilting on Morning Splash is done, and the star mystery (which definitely needs a name) is loaded and ready to go.

- a Hawaiian wall-quilt that's been on my frame since 2005
- a picture quilt from my 2005 trip to Mexico
- a set of 3 wall quilts (need final embroidery and to be hung) (started in 2008)
- a stained glass dragon (started in 2009)
- tumbling blocks (started in 2009)
- reversible quilt (started in 2009)
- kaleidoscope quilt (started in 2009)
- bargello quilt (Sept 2009)
- Star mystery quilt (needs quilting) (Sept 2009)
- Morning Splash (needs quilting) (Nov 2009)

 Pop over to Bari's blog to see what other quilters have been up to this week.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Design Wall Monday - Jan 11

I've been working on finishing up some projects lately, so there isn't much going on with my design wall this week. I did however start a leaders/enders project this week.

I'm taking all my 5" charm squares, and turning them into 2.5" half-square triangles.  Will turn this into some sort of quilt, although the design is not yet finalized.  This is one of the projects I needed those neutrals for.

Check out Judy's blog to see what's on everyone else's design walls this week.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Stash Report - Jan 10

This was another bad week for my stash.   Fabric sales are dangerous :)   I picked up some backing/border fabric for a quilt I'm working on (that was the purpose of the trip).  And a few other treasures jumped into my cart.  Some brights for a baby quilt, and a few neutrals for my stash.  After saying I don't buy that way, I realized that of all the scraps I have in my stash, neutrals are lacking.   I have one quilt in mind,  that needs lot of light background.  So I picked that up, and a few others for future projects.

Total in this week:15.5 yards  (fabric for 1 quilt, backing for 1 quilt, plus 8 yards of neutrals for stash)

Fabric out this week:
1/2 yard - strips for baby quilt
1/4 yard - hanging sleeve for Tumbling Down
1 3/4 yard - backing for Morning Splash
Total out this week:  2 1/2 yards

Net:   31.75 yards in

Check out Judy's blog to see how other quilters are doing with their stash this week.

Saturday, 9 January 2010


Judy L is hosting a quiltathon next weekend.  And she picked the perfect weekend for it (for me, anyway).  My kids will be away the whole weekend, so I will be able to participate guilt-free!!  I can't wait. And I have 1 week to get ready.

There are so many things I want to work on during the quiltathon.  Should I quilt the 2 that are waiting to be loaded on my frame?  Finish my half-completed tops?   What I really want to do is start on one of the new quilts.  So that means that I need to get some other stuff done before then, because I really don't want to have even more 1/2 completed projects.

My goal for this weekend is to make some decent progress on quilting the star mystery, and morning splash quilts.  I have the backing (washed tonight).  Thread on hand (that was a nice surprise).  And Morning Splash is now loaded and ready to go, first thing tomorrow.

And I know that I'm going to work on this, because I now can't get at anything else in my quilting room until it's done and the table is put away.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Background noise

When I'm quilting, I like to have something going on the background.  If I don't have music, or TV running, it's just too quiet to work for long.  In my sewing room, I have a TV.  This sounds great!  Until I tell you that it has never been hooked up since I moved here, because I don't have a satellite receiver for that room.   Here it is, taking up space on the corner of my cutting table.  I've always used it as a DVD viewing station. This works reasonably well, but by now I've gone through all of my DVDs several times, and I'm getting tired of them.

Over Christmas, there were all these great TV marathons playing.  It would have been perfect to tune in something like that and spend a day sewing.  So, as I sat watching a show and thinking about quilting, I finally got tired of the setup.  I went downstairs and took some measurements, and discovered that the cable running up the bedroom could easily be re-routed from the satellite box, to the living room (where I have a receiver).   So I pulled out my drill, moved my TV cabinet, and drilled myself a hole for the re-routed cable line (gee that sounds easy, doesn't it?  I admit that it didn't go quite that smoothly, but in the end, the cable was in the living room.)   Then, I went shopping and bought myself a cable splitter. And now, I can watch TV in either (or both) the living room and my sewing room.  Only catch is, I can only change the channel from the living room.

So now, when I want to go sew for a couple of hours, I check the TV listings, setup some timers for the shows I want to listen to while I sew, and I'm off and running.  And I can still switch over to a DVD viewing session if I want to.  It's made a big difference the in amount of time I spend in the sewing room.  And it's really nice not to have to interrupt a step to get up and change the DVD (or listen to the "intro" music over, and over, and over, while it waits for me to do something).

Thursday, 7 January 2010

One down ...

or is that up?  I finished a quilt tonight (actually, I could count this as 3 quilts I suppose), and got them hung.  After discovering to my horror that I actually have more than 1 UFO that has surpassed the 1 year mark, I was inspired to finally finish these 3 kitties.  They've been mostly complete, and moving around my sewing room for the last year.

All I had to do was the little bit of embroidery, and then figure out where/how to hang them.  So, about 4 months ago, I went out to buy some black embroidery thread.  I brought it home, and promptly misplaced it.   Found it again a month later, and put it somewhere safe - out of sight, out of mind apparently.  And I still wasn't in a rush to finish the last bit, because I didn't know how I wanted to display these.  Finally went out an bought a rod, and figured I'd hang the 3 in a row.

Then my trip happened.  And Christmas.  And things just sat around my sewing room.  After posting my Accountability Challenge yesterday, I was inspired.   The first thing I did after work was pull out these quilts, and my black embroidery thread.  Then I looked at the thread, and the quilts, and the design.   And realized I needed light coloured thread, not black.  So, I was all set to put these back on the shelf for another few months.  But I decided to have a quick look around - and I found white embroidery thread in my drawer.  I have no idea why, but Yay!   I finished up the quilts before I could have second thoughts about it.

Then I pulled out the rod I bought, threaded the quilts onto it, and said "ick!"  No way did I want the three quilts hanging in a straight row across the wall.  So I abandoned that thought, but held tight to my motivation and came up with an alternative for display.  All set now.  I can't believe it took me this long, but I finally did it..  It's amazing what a little bit of encouragement and focus can do.

My son is not too happy though.  There is one quilt here for each of my cats, but he says the orange one does not look like the real kitty.  He's pushing for some modifications.  I am however considering it done at this point, and calling it artistic license.

Looking at these 3 photos, I see that none of my cats likes to look at the camera when pictures are being taken :)

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

And then there were more

After so confidently posting on Monday that all of my UFOs are less than 1 year old, I went back to my finishing list from last year.  Apparently, I have these languishing around my sewing room:

- a Hawaiian wall-quilt that's been on my frame since 2005
- a picture quilt from my 2005 trip to Mexico
- a set of 3 wall quilts (need final embroidery and to be hung) (started in 2008)
- a stained glass dragon (started in 2009)
- tumbling blocks (started in 2009)
- reversible quilt (started in 2009)
- kaleidoscope quilt (started in 2009)
- bargello quilt (Sept 2009)
- Star mystery quilt (needs quilting) (Sept 2009)
- Morning Splash (needs quilting) (Nov 2009)

So, that's 3 quilts that don't fit under the 1 year limit.  That Hawaiian quilt has got to be finished - it sits in my living room and has mocked me every day for the past 4 years - and yet I managed to completely forget about its existance on Monday's report.  So, in an effort to shame myself into finishing this poor thing, here's a photo of the quilt on my frame.  I can't even claim it's big and that's the reason it's taken so long.

Therefore, I have decided that I will join in the Accountability Challenge from Bari.  Every Wednesday, I'll post an update on my progress towards this year's goals.   Which are:

1. Finish my UFOs that are > 1 year old
2. Finish tumbling blocks
3. Finish bargello
4. Quilt Star Mystery and Morning Splash
5. finish piecing the dragon
6. start and finish a quilt for each of my children
7. 13 quilties for the local children's hospital (1 per month, plus I "owe" one from December)

Check out Bari's blog to see what other quilters are up to.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Design Wall Monday - Jan 4

This is more of a "what's OFF my design wall" post.   Since last November, my "Morning Splash" from Judy's quilt-for-an-hour has been hanging on my design wall, waiting for the borders to go on.   Finally, my sewing room is back in shape, and I finished the borders.  I left off a couple of the borders from the design - because I made a smaller size quilt, it seemed like too much border to put them all on.  I bought some backing on Saturday, at one of the sales, and this one is ready to quilt.

My design wall therefore is between projects.  But I have a new one on the table for cutting.  I have 2 quilts that I want to finish tops for, before I pull out the quilting frame and finish up the 2 I have waiting.  The good news, as I said to a friend the other day, is that all of my UFOs are now less than 1 year old!!!  Last year was a great year for finishing projects.  Thanks in large part to the incentive provided by Judy's Design Wall Monday posts.  Check out Judy's blog to see what other quilters are up to this week.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Stash Report - Jan 3

I debated whether or not to participate in Judy's Stash Reports this year.  I don't have a big stash - what I do have is mostly composed of the leftover bits of fabric from various quilts already completed.  I don't buy fabric without a plan, because I never end up with anything I like in my stash when I do that :)   So, when I buy fabric, it has a destiny, and generally will end up in whatever quilt I purchased it for, and only the leftover fabric ends up in the stash.

And then there's the issue of buying fabric in metres and using it in yards (well, more like inches, since I count the strips I cut).  So my stash reports are generally an approximation.

But I do have all those bins of leftovers.  And I really want to try to use some of that this year.  So I decided that I would indeed join Judy in her weekly reports.  No specific goal in mind about yards used or purchased - I'm destined to enter negative numbers with every quilt I purchase fabric for, since there is always some extra that hits the stash bins.  But I hope that reporting my numbers will help me remain motivated, and hopefully create a few true stash quilts again this year to keep the bins from overflowing.

And on that note, I must fess up.  I have 2 quilts in mind already, and since it's sale week I bought the fabric for them.  So stash report #1 this year puts me pretty solidly in the negative.

In this year:
21.5 yards (1 quilt for each of my children)

Out this year:
2.75 yards

Net:   18.75 yards in