Monday, 26 May 2014

Design Wall Monday - May 26

I have been on a finishing kick lately - finally finished the binding on the 4 quilts that have been sitting on my ottoman for the last several months.  So there isn't much on my design wall this week, but I put up a quilt that just needs a border.  I signed up to finish this one before the last modern guild meeting of the year, so I'd better get cracking.

I struggled with borders for this. The print on the left was my original plan, but when the top was done I didn't think it worked. Too busy. So I spent some time hemming and hawing at the shop, staring at all the other fabrics in the line to find something else.

I fell in love with the orange (since they didn't have the blue I really wanted). But orange?  So I think this the final decision - narrow black, 2" orange, and wide print borders.

I have a few other finishes to share today, too.  This one was a challenge quilt at a retreat I attended last November.  Finally finished the binding on it, so it can go off to Victoria's quilts, after I show it off at guild tonight.

Then we have my bear paw quilt.  This poor little guy has been almost 2 years in the making. The top went together pretty quickly, and even the border didn't slow me down too much.  But it took me over 6 months to get it off the "to quilt" list.  That happened last July.  Then I didn't have enough of the fabric I wanted to use for binding. Have you ever had that problem?  You have a vision in mind, and when it doesn't work out for whatever reason, finding an alternate is almost impossible.  Finally I bit the bullet, picked a gold that was close (but not exactly) the same as that used on the narrow borders. And now it is finally bound and ready to use!  So bright and cheerful. I think I'll replace the quilt in the spare room tonight.

These two are charity quilts.  One is the leftover blocks from the New Year's Eve mystery.  I made 2 quilts, and this is the second one.  And the other is a scrappy challenge from Judy

And speaking of Judy, there are lots more design walls over at Patchwork Times today.


  1. You really are on a finishing kick right now. Way to cross a lot of "To Dos" off the list. Love your scrappy challenge best of all. Such a nice collection of colors.

  2. I like the orange border, it will definitely bring out the orange in the quilt. Congrats on all the pretty finishes. Your Bear Claw quilt is my favorite, it's gorgeous!

  3. I love your bear paws quilt. It is so jewel sparkling. I love it. I too sometimes can't get pass Plan A even when I know I can't do it like that. I say to myself: think outside the box ... and nothing comes up but plan A! I would definitively show off Bear Paws on a bed if I were you! Congrats on all the finishes.