Tuesday, 8 September 2015

if you don't like it, change it

During my finishing blitz this past weekend, I quilted and bound one of the convergences quilts I made a couple of weeks ago.  I was not completely happy with the end result of this quilt. I had envisioned a sunset kind of image, and it just wasn't quite coming through, no matter which direction I looked at the quilt.

After I finished binding it, I had another look, and inspiration struck. I added some applique, carefully positioned to hide the transitions I didn't like in the quilt.  And voila!  I think it really does look like a boat sailing at sunset.  Now I just have to figure out how to fasten that applique, without destroying the quilt.

Right now, it's cut as raw-edge applique, but that means stitching through all layers of the quilt, and showing the outline on the back. Or, I could possibly recut and do needle-turn applique, where I could bury the stitches and leave the back pristine.

I suspect simplicity will win out, but I'll let it stew for a few days before I commit.


  1. The before and after photos really show what a brilliant idea you had. I have done hand appliqué on a finished quilt and it's possible, but why not stitch through all the layers? I think the outline of the sailboat and gulls on the back will be interesting and look intentional.

  2. Totally changed the personality of your quilt - great idea!