Monday, 12 October 2015

Safety First

Safety tip - don't try to trim blocks when tired. 

Good news - I was almost 1/2 done when I sliced my finger with the rotary cutter.
Bad news - it's going to be pretty awkward trying to trim the rest tomorrow.

In the process of finishing the blocks for the twister quilt, I also got a (very little) bit done on another scrappy pineapple block. It's slow going when the blocks are only sewn in between other projects as leaders and enders.

Tomorrow I should be working on the longarm anyway - that should not be a problem with my taped finger (I hope).  Hand stitching could be an issue, so some work may pile up in that area this week.  And typing is definitely awkward - my "T" finger doesn't work :)


  1. Ouch. We should know better but sometimes we get cocky.

  2. Oh no. Hope your finger heals up - keep it dry and clean :)

  3. Krista, I've done that too. I was at the end of a cutting session, distracted for a moment, the blade went up over the ruler and sliced a section off my pointer finger. It was laying on the table, and no blood for a moment. It took a month or so to granulate back in but it looks like a finger now! These are deadly weapons! Sewing aint for sissies. LeeAnna