Monday, 31 July 2017

Merry Mayhem 2016

This quilt was a New Year's Day mystery quilt, back in (I think) 2016.  It waited a long time to be finished. I finally finished the blocks in one of my finishing sprees earlier this year.  And now, it is quilted and ready to bind.

I played with my new Millie longarm for this. I designed a quilting design for the blocks and quilted all of them the same way. Then I created designs for the sashing and borders to finish it off.  I'm still figuring out the program. So far, I haven't managed to create a corner design that lets me finish borders nicely, but I'm having fun playing with the program, and am getting a handle on a lot of it.

This quilt will get bound soon, and then sent off to Victoria's Quilts in September.

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