Monday, 21 January 2019

First of 2019

My first official finish of 2019!

I bought this fabric over 5 years ago, because I loved it. Then it sat around for a while, and I realized I didn't love it any more. So it sat a bit longer.

I was heading to a retreat a couple of years ago and tossed the pile of fabric into my bag as a "just in case" project, for if I finished everything else. I had no idea what I would do with it, but I was sure something would come to me.

And sure enough, on day three I was hunting for something else to do. So out came this fabric and some paper to come up with a plan. The end result is based loosely on a pattern I've seen online, but sized and tweaked to fit the fabric I had available. Every single scrap of the print was used, and most of the others.

This quilt was on my UFO list all last year, so I decided it deserved first chance on the longarm this year. It's all done now and will head off to Victoria's Quilts s soon as it's had a nice trip through the washer.

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