Sunday, 8 April 2012

Stash Report - April 8

My pink & green quilt this week made a nice dent in my stash.  4.5 yards used for the remaining blocks and all those borders.

Unfortunately, I then took advantage of the weekend to head out to the quilt shop.  I picked up backing for this quilt and one other, for a total of 8 yards.  1 step forward, 2 steps back apparently.  I wonder if I'll be able to meet my goal of breaking even this year.  The goal to reach 100 yards used seems realistic enough, since I'm 1/3 of the way there.

Total this year:
35 3/4 yards out, 65 1/2 yards in
Net for 2012: 29 3/4 yards in

Head over to Judy's blog to see how other quilter's are doing with their stash busting (or building, as the case may be).


  1. At least you have some out to balance what you brought in!

  2. Well, I think those eight yards were gotta-haves and don't count at all!!!

  3. Well, if they're backings that have a known top, then at least that yardage will be going OUT again fairly quickly.

  4. Your Pink Posies quilt is beautiful - you did a great job with the design. Can't finish a quilt without backing fabric - plus we have to go to quilt shops for "inspiration".

  5. At least you are making a dent in your stash. That's a good thing. I'm hardly moving mine!

  6. Are you trying to use a 100 without regard to what you bring in?