Monday, 19 November 2012

Design Wall Monday - Nov 19

After  a weekend at retreat, I have lots to show for it.  But for today, I put up the project I was working on the last day there, in order to have something on my design wall today.  These are 4 bear's paw blocks for a quilt Judy showed us, which she named "New Beginnings".  I have 4 more blocks in progress, then I'll make a few of the alternate blocks and see how big this quilt wants to be.

I have a few more projects from retreat, which I'll show you once I get them unpacked.  I got lots done, learned some new stuff, and had a great time meeting new people at the retreat.  I'm so happy that Michele at The Running Stitch hosted this retreat - and that she's going to do it again!

Drop by Judy's blog today for more design walls.


  1. Did Judy post the instructions? I just looked and didn't see them. It looks like they are the standard Bear Paw but on point? Love your colors so far.

  2. No instructions yet. They are basically a standard bear paw, as you said. On point, 12" blocks.

  3. I like this variation of that block. Very colorful fabric choices.

  4. You did a great job with Judy's block.