Monday, 17 June 2013

Design Wall Monday - June 17

My design wall looks like this today.  Pretty and green.  And neat and tidy. I am trying to decide if I want to put back my design wall how it was before (just flannel tacked directly to the wall) or do something a bit more durable this time. And something that might protect my new paint job.  I haven`t decided yet, but I do suspect that speed will win out and the old sheet will go back up before long.  And I doubt the tidiness will last past the first stitch.

In the meantime, I did pull out a couple of projects to finish.  There was a moment of panic as I found the fabric from one, but neither of the quilts.  Figured out where I`d stashed the quilts, then I had to to go hunting for the remaining fabric for the other quilt.  But, all bits and pieces are found now, and a plan is in place.  2 quilts that need borders, then on to a new project.

First, I`m determined to finish the borders for swoon.  I completed the pieced border at my last retreat, now I just have to put them all together - all 7 borders.

And then, on to this project.  I`ve decided it needs a border because it`s too small right now for my space bed.  A 6" border all around should fix that problem.  At least I hope it will, because I think that even that little is going to stretch the remaining fabric to its limits.

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  1. Both are very nice Krista....I love the last one...geometrics of it

  2. Oh, for a neat space. And good going to be able to finish two tops before starting something new. I love the teal one: beautiful geometric shapes.

  3. Your swoon must be huge. Did you make full sized blocks?