Sunday, 6 April 2014

Stash Report - April 6

There was a silent auction at quilt guild on Monday night, and I picked up some fabric there.  It was to support the guild, so how can that be wrong?  I got 2 different panels plus coordinating prints, which should be enough to make a couple of baby quilts. Plus some additional miscellaneous fabric for another small quilt.  5 yards in, all for a good cause :)

Nothing to report out this week, but my One Block Wonder quilt has gone through a few alterations.  I think this may be the final arrangement, although now that I see it on the blog there are 2 blocks on the left that seem a bit out of place.

Well, there's lot's of time to adjust it.  Gardening certainly won't be taking up my time for a few more weeks at least.  Here's a look out my front window after a full day of rain on Friday.  Lots of snow still to melt around here.

Stash totals for the year:
 295 1/4 yards in
 49 1/4 yards out
Total: 246  yards in

 Drop by Judy's blog for more stash reports.


  1. Wow - that is a lot of snow! Looking forward to seeing the quilts you create with the fabric you won at your guild.

  2. Love the configuration of you One Block Wonder quilt. Not sure which 2 seem out of place but I can't wait to see how it turns out. ~Melanie

  3. Hello Krista, I'm Silvana and I write from Italy. I saw your quilting One Block Wonders .. what a treat! I wanted to ask if you've used a fabric or only if they are different. I'd like to make one, I have a Jinny Beyer fabric that I bought on the internet. It has a very large print that is repeated and they are about 6 yards. It should be enough to make a double quilt, but I do not know if I have to use different fabrics. Anyway, I bought some books on this topic and I am waiting for them.
    Thank you and hello

  4. Your winter is hanging on, that's for sure. I like your OBW layout. Not sure which 2 blocks are bothering you, but the overall is looking good.