Monday, 16 February 2015

Design Wall Monday - Feb 16

There are a few little odds and ends on my design wall this week.  I was asked to do a demo at the LQS last weekend, on using a 60 degree ruler. So I made a few samples to help illustrate what I was talking about, and the myriad of projects you can make with that ruler.  So now I have all these "half-finsihed" objects in my posession - and rather than add them all to a UFO pile, I thought I'd just try to finish them up right away.

First up, the thousand pyramid quilt. Ok, in this case it's more like 60 pyramids, but you get the idea :)  This is about 28" square. A little too big for a quiltie, plus I still have some off-cuts left, so I'm going to add a couple of borders and see if it can finish at 30x48" for a Victoria's Quilts donation.

The other two are larger projects, with more fabric available, so I may put them on the back burner while I finish a couple of other small projects.

Plus there's the fact that my son helped me move some furniture around yesterday. We disassembled my whole sewing table (the parts don't fit through the doorway intact) and moved it to the other bedroom where I'm relocating my sewing area.  So I have a bit of a disaster on my hands now - projects & fabric all over the floor of my current room. Cleaning really should be in the plans for today.

Drop by Judy's blog to see what everyone else is up to today.

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  1. am not sure if my comment went to you or I just lost it, but I like the Thousand Pyramid quilt!! And then I said, I am not sure I should have seen it!!! I do like it.....