Thursday, 26 February 2015

Found some UFOs

In the process of cleaning my sewing room in order to replace the carpet, I found some old UFOs.  These 2 little quilts were intended for donation at a guild, for NICU babies.  All I had to do was add the binding, so I found some suitable fabric and stitched them up.  All done and ready to donate (after a quick spin through the washer, since they've been collecting dust for over a year).

I also found some placemats and a table runner, so those are next on the list for finishing. Just some hand stitching to do there, then I'll take them to the Modern Guild meeting for donation to Meals on Wheels.  No pictures of those until they are done.

And, I've been working busily on 2 new projects, of course. Step 5 & 6 of the guild mystery quilt are now complete.  So many interesting variations of the blocks we made here. I can't wait to see how it all comes together. But still 2 more steps before the assembly.  We'll see those next month.

I have put together the rows of my neutral quilt, and started version two. This one will reverse the light/dark sections so I can see how the alternate arrangement looks. I actually had enough fabric to make the new one the same size as the original, so I'll have 2 48x60" quilts when I'm done.

Now that the guild mystery is all caught up, I need to figure out what is next (other than the second neutral quilt). I think I should probably get caught up on the Border Creek Station mystery, so I'll pull that out next time I'm in the sewing room.

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