Sunday, 3 July 2016

Baby Giraffe!

Woohoo!  Gertrude is complete!  I finished up my baby Giraffe Abstractions today (well, the top, anyway).  In the photo, you can't tell the size - it's 1/2 the original size, so it finished at 22x30".

I have no real idea how much fabric this took - I pulled from stash, and didn't measure as I used it.  I'm going to ballpark that it took about 10" (on average) of each of 8 colours, so that's 80", or 2 1/4 yards of fabric.

I also have my 2 plus quilts (seen here) to add to my stash report today.  4 1/4 yards for the black and white, and 4 1/4 yards for the grey.

and I guess I should own up to some fabric purchases recently.  Over the past couple of months a few bits & pieces have come home:
1. Paris fabric, to replace a quilt I sold  - 8 yards
2. Some greys and backings from a new shop I discovered close to home - 10 yards
3. and some impulse purchases from hours 6-8 at Quilt Canada - 15 yards

So, a sorry state for my stash report today after a couple of months off.
11 1/4 yards out, 33 yards in.

2016 totals:
108 1/4 yards in
117 1/2 yards out
Total: 9 1/4 yards out
Head over to Patchworks Times today for more stash reports.


  1. Even with your enhancements, you are in the black. WoW!

  2. You stayed in the black and have an impressive amount used, so I would say it is a good report. I love the giraffe...great job!

  3. He has a head! Or is it she? Lots of spots, too. Congrats on your finish.

  4. Love Gertrude! It's a very fun quilt. Even with all that coming in you are still in the black. Not a bad year.