Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Mystery Quilts

Why is it that all the mystery quilts seem to start at the same time.  I have 3 going on right now. -  2 from guilds,  and one online.  And I know that Bonnie Hunter's mystery will be starting in a few weeks. Maybe I can avoid getting sucked into the New Years Day mystery overload I've done the last few years. The current mysteries are somewhat long term,  running until the spring,  so they should not be too much work each month.

These are my blocks from one of the guild mysteries.  The dark is my background,  and the light is my accent colour -  so I keep having to remind myself to switch the dark and light in the instructions.

As this quilt progressed, I realized that my choice of fabrics was somewhat unfortunate.  The light grey has dark grey in it. The dark grey has light great. And the red has both dark and light grey highlights.  I did some fussy cutting, to try to minimize the overlap between the greys. But in the end,I think my blocks look a bit mushy.  However, I did decide to go with the original layout, with no border. That makes this another perfect donation quilt, and I'm sure someone will love it.  It's all sewn together now, although this picture doesn't show that.  Added to the pile for quilting.

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