Monday, 29 January 2018

Amazing Labyrinth - January UFO

I have been working on this labyrinth quilt since 2012. I designed it after I first saw the Labyrinth Walk quilt pattern. I loved the idea, but that pattern has no entry/exit to the maze. I could not bear to the thought of making a maze quilt that had no route through it.  So I hunted up some mazes on google and found one I liked.

 I drafted it - first on graph paper, then painstakingly square by square in EQ.  Then, I had to convert it from squares into more reasonably sized pieces (I didn't want to piece a quilt that was all 2.5" squares - although in retrospect that might have been easier).

The pattern is available in my Etsy store.

Finding fabric for this was a challenge. Shops around here don't seem to like carrying the light end of the spectrum. I could find 3 med-to-dark fabrics that worked together, but finding a light in the same colour family proved impossible. Even the med-light in this quilt was hard to find. Eventually I just gave up and used a cream for the light fabric.

I pieced the backing from my stash. I had looked for something I liked, but a purple fabric was just too purple. I thought I bought a grey flannel for it at one point, but I used that for my Christmas quilts. So rather than spending yet more money, I decided to raid my stash and see what I could do. I figure people won't be seeing the backing very often anyway.

The fabric near the top is shades of purple, fading to teal and yellow - I thought it would look neat if the top of the quilt is folded back on itself.

The whole quilt is custom quilted. I picked a different design for each colour, in an effort to accentuate the 3-D effect (walls & floor of the maze).  Luck was with me - the only thread I had that was a good colour match was a single (partial) spool of a discontinued thread line.  I decided to chance it, because I didn't want to wait until I could get out to a store. Loaded, started quilting - and finished with only a few winds left on the spool!

I'll link this post up with Patchwork Times when the January UFO report goes up.  Also linking up with 18 in 2018


  1. Fantastic job on your Laybrinth it!

  2. I never thought that about the original Labyrinth pattern! I agree, a workable maze is much more interesting. Kudos to the effort you put into the modifications.

  3. I love labyrinth patterns but didn’t like the commercial pattern because of the repeat. Love yours

  4. Wow that is fantastic! Love it. And my granddaughter would love the color.

  5. Great, Krista! I really like your maze. Now I know both Labyrinth designers! Proud of that fact. Very pretty!

  6. I really love the 3D maze quilts, and that was a great idea to make one that had entry and exit points. Great quilting to accentuate the 3D nature.

  7. Thank you for making this new pattern. I have the original one and didn't like that it didn't have an entrance.

  8. Thank You for persisting and figuring out the entrance and exit. You have given me inspiration to try a labyrinth pattern on my own.