Friday, 23 November 2018

mini giraffe

This sweet giraffe is from Violet Craft.  I paper pieced one back when the pattern first came out, for a shop sample. But he was SO cute I knew I wanted to make one for myself. However, the quilt is almost 60" square, and I didn't want one quite that big. So I downsized the patter pieces to 50%, and made a version for myself. This little guy is only about 24x30", and just as cute as his big brother.  I had to redraw a couple bits of the face, because it just became too small/too many pieces to work with at this size, but overall he came out quite nicely.

The quilt has actually been completed for some time (a year or two at least), but I finally figured out how I wanted to quilt it and got it done over the summer, as part of my guild UFO challenge.

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