Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Round 3

Here we go, one more time.  What?  You can't tell the difference?  Well, maybe if you look really closely.  It was just a tweak after all.

This is definitely feeling right to me, so I think I'm pretty close to solidifying the pattern for the bargello quilt.  A few more days' contemplation should do it (mostly to give myself time to get that queen size off my sewing table).

And in the meantime, I'm well on my way to Socktoberfest.  Now all I need is a mate for this little pretty.  See the green toe?  That's because when the instructions say "100g" for 2 socks, it somehow doesn't translate to 50g (1 ball) for 1 sock.  Sigh.  Just wait. The next ball will probably do a complete sock with no issues and some left over.

There is an error in this one, which I'll see if I can correct for #2.  For some reason  my grafting comes out as purl rather than knit (yes, I know, the reason is user error).  Have to work on that.

Love the speed of this pattern.  Knit with worsted weight, and it only took me 2 days to make a sock.  Problem is, I got no quilting done in those 2 days, other than rearranging my bargello a couple of times.  I need more hours in the day, I think.

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