Sunday, 6 September 2009

Tumbling Down

And the blocks all came tumbling down.  But in this case, that's a good thing.   The top for my tumbling block quilt is now complete.

This took some doing.  2 straight days of sewing, to finish putting it all together.  I chose to piece the falling blocks, rather than applique, because my last applique quilt is still waiting to be finished, 4 years later.  Next time, I think paper piecing would be a better choice.  Keeping the quilt flat and square, while adding randomly shapes bits of background fabric to the falling blocks was, to put it mildly, a challenge.

However, it was worth it.  The quilt came out just as I had pictured it.  Finishing will wait a while, because  I miscalculated, and the 1 yard of black fabric that I bought barely completed the top and borders.  Need to go buy binding (I hope they still have the fabric) and something for backing. But can't do that until next weekend.

So, this quilt made a good dent in my stash overall (all the blocks are stash).   And used up one of my recent purchases.  Let's see where we stand this week:

2 yards - backing & binding for star challenge quilt
1 yard - background for tumbling blocks

1/4 yard - fat quarter from a stashbusting challenge

Used YTD: 24 yards
Added YTD: 15.25 yards
Net: 8.75 yards out this year

See Judy's blog for an update from other quilters this week.


  1. Oh this looks GOOD!!!! You did a fantastic job on it!!! Excellant, Excellant Job!!! I love the falling blks!!!
    I am thinking of the border for it. Hmmm. You should have something that doesn't take away from the blks themselves -at least the one right besdie the blks,so I would stay darker there...... Maybe the binding could be small segaments of colour from the blks, or colours like are in the blks and have the go around the outside of the hanging..... I am still working on this aspect of quilting - the finishing touches...... and I love to see what people do.
    Beautiful wallhanging!!

  2. Krista - I love what you've done, it is awesome! Please post another picture when it's done!

  3. That is fantastic!

  4. this is inspiring. even though i don't really quilt, i enjoy looking at beautiful ones done by others. i will definitely be back to see more of your work.

    tallysoma from swap-bot

  5. Wow! That tumbling blocks quilt is spectacular! I'm Michele360 from swap-bot. I know I'm going to enjoy your blog!

  6. What a fun idea! I love quilts (and art in general) that make me chuckle just a little!

    --Meryl (from Swapbot)

  7. I love this quilt. I am very impressed with the piecing you did to get the blocks to tumble. I hate applique and I think I would have done that over trying to figure out what pieces would be needed the way you did it. Looks wonderful!