Saturday, 13 February 2010

Celtic Hearts

I have a plan.   Well, part of one anyway.   Remember my red celtic square?  I've decided I'm going to surround it with some hearts.  I think this will reflect the heart shape that is formed by the 2 loops at the top and bottom. Or maybe not, but that's my theory  :)

Pretty good choice to work on, for Valentine's weekend, don't you think?

However, those 2 hearts at the top are appliqued.  Do you remember how much I dislike applique?  I think I mentioned it here. And the plan for this quilt requires 16 hearts.  I thought it was 12.  But then I put these 2 up and realized that I forgot to count the corners. Oops.  So, 16 appliqued hearts.  That might be a bit much, so maybe this plan needs re-thinking.

This weekend is another Quiltathon, courtesy of Judy over at Patchwork Times.  I want to join in - but I have so much to do this weekend.  So, I may get a little done, but probably not nearly so much as last month.   I don't really want to set goals for this weekend since I'll have so little time, but I'll see what I can get done on the red - and the blue- celtic quilts.

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  1. You have a goal - you are going to do what you can when you can. That, is a goal. And it's a pretty darn good one if you ask me. It's better than "I'll do it later" goal, that one never works!!!
    Have a fantastic Valentines weekend. I just phoned in to work and told them I am staying home with my kid - actually told them I am taking her shoe shopping. Then I thought we could go see a movie and just spend some time together. This is my Valentines gift to me. So, you have a super fantastic weekend and get what you can done, as your goal is stating, and make it the best one you can!!