Sunday 28 February 2010

A Tic-Tac-Toe Stash Report

Last month, I won the Block Lotto, and now I have 48 lovely tic-tac-toe blocks that I need to do something creative with :)

I decided that I wanted to do a number of small quilts, rather than one large one.  When they're done I'll donate them to the local children's hospital.   So I divided up the blocks and picked a set of 9 to start with.

Since the blocks are all wacky grids, I thought I'd set them in a similar fashion to carry the theme forward.  This layout on my wall seemed a bit crowded, so I bordered the blocks in white to provide a bit more space. The top is now complete, and waiting to be quilted.   The good news for my stash report is that this quilt took 4 yards of fabric, including the backing and binding.

The bad news for my stash report is that I bought some fabric.  20 fat quarters for $25 from Sew Sisters.  So this week I have

4 yards out
5 yards in

Total in this year - 42 yards
Total out this year - 43 1/4 yards

Net this year: 1 1/4 yards OUT 

Still sitting in the black this week :)  Check out Judy's blog to see what other quilters have been up to with their stashes.


  1. Your quilt turned out awesome!!! Very clever of you to sash those blocks with white. How fun it is! And who can pass up 20 FQs for $25?? Not me!

  2. I just think these blks are so much fun!! And, uh, who could pass up a deal like that on the FQ's??? You have done great this week with your stash!!!!

  3. what a great setting! I won blocks, too, but haven't figured out how they're going to go together yet...

  4. What a great idea with setting your 9 blocks. I love all the colors and different sizes the blocks came in. Your quilt is adorable.

  5. That was a great result for your tic-tac-toe blocks! I'm sure whoever gets that quilt is going to be amazed and very, very happy. You are a very talented quilter.