Friday, 26 February 2010

Where have I been

As mentioned on Sunday, I've been away from my sewing machine for several days.  This is sad, and I've certainly missed spending time in my sewing room.  But where I was more than makes up for it.

 Can you tell where I was?  I spent the last week and a half in Vancouver at the Olympics!  I got to see some great events, joined the throngs of people downtown, and generally had a great time.  Vancouver has an odd idea of "winter" I have to admit (14 degress Celcius and sunny almost every day).  But I could get used to that :)

Short track speed skating was great fun to watch.  There aren't usually quite this many skaters on the ice, but a couple of disqualifications and advancements led to 8 skaters (rather than 4) in the women's 1500m final.
And watching Canada achieve gold in women's snowboard cross and women's ski cross was fabulous.  The picture below is from the snowboard cross flower ceremony.

I've been plotting my next quilt since I got there.   Definitely need something with an Olympic theme, to commemorate my trip.  And some of the Olympic designs will lend themselves nicely to quilting, being made up of square and triangles.