Monday, 23 May 2011

Design Wall Monday - May 23

 My cat placemats are ready for quilting.  The bed-sized quilt is ready for binding. And I'm ready for something different.  After quilting the big one, I needed a break before I start quilting the placemats, so I pulled out my stash to have a look at what might be next.  I've had a jelly roll sitting around for several months now, and could never decide what to do with it.

I've come to realize that I feel very restricted - presented with 2.5" strips, in predetermined colours, my creativity disappears.  So I got out my thinking cap, and sketched a few options, for 2" strips.  There are 10 colours in the roll - a dark and a light of each of five different colours.  This is the "Moda Brights" jelly roll from last year.  I finally came up with this block - which I think has potential, with a light/dark combination.  Not sure of the layout yet.  The random isn't speaking to me.

I'll probably end up with something more like this one.  Although I'll have to move the colours around to get a more realistic rainbow out of it.  I've finished sewing about 1/2 of the blocks I cut out, and have enough strips for probably another 2 blocks of each colour.

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  1. I love it. Good use of your jelly roll :)

  2. I really like it, either way!

  3. Pretty! This reminds me of Judy's Note to Self quilt.