Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mother's Day

I was feeling sorry for myself today, because my Mother's Day wasn't the day I dreamed of.  No smiling children making me breakfast in bed.  No gifts, or flowers.  I dropped my mother at the airport this morning - early enough that we didn't even have time for brunch together.  My lawn needs mowing, the dishes need to be done, and I have done 6 loads of laundry since this morning - and I still have nothing to wear tomorrow.

But then I read a few posts, from people like me - grumbling that they didn't get their "perfect" mother's day.  One had a list - everything I want for Mother's Day this year.  It included sleeping in, perfectly behaved children, pampering from a husband, and time to herself.  Then she listed what she would get this year - a lot of dragging kids around to activities and trying to keep them occupied.  And as I read it, I realized that she was ignoring the treasures that each day offers her.  I think a lot of us do the same thing.

We complain about having to cook dinner - but we neglect to appreciate that fact that we have food to cook, and a place to cook it.

We bemoan the fact the our children drive us crazy, running around making noise and creating chaos in our house.  But we should give thanks that our children are healthy enough to run around, and that we have a place for them to create chaos in safety.

We long for an opportunity to sleep a little longer, and groan about the ballgames, and concerts, and dance recitals that we schlep our children to and from.  But we should appreciate the people - many of them volunteers - who organize, and coach, and encourage our children in their endeavors, and we should applaud our children for their efforts and successes in all their activities.

So maybe I didn't have smiling children making me breakfast in bed, but they both gave me a big hug when they got up. I didn't have brunch with my mother - but I got to spend 3 1/2 weeks with her and we had plenty of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners together.  The housework will never end, but my children are a pleasure to be with and they help around the house whenever I ask them.

Maybe your Mother's Day didn't match your dreams.  But you are blessed to have a reason to celebrate this day.  So go grab that reason and give them a hug.  Find the joy and pleasure in the chaos and vexation they bring to your life every day.  Children grow up and leave home, and I plan to enjoy the time I have left before mine do.


  1. I love your post. And I didn't have any expectations for today, so I have had a really nice day!! With the sun shining, oh yeah, I am lovin' life!! And the great smiles I got from one of my daughters, that made it really nice!
    We do sometimes - no, alot of the time - take what we have for granted. And forget what it could be like.....
    I am blessed and sounds like you are to! I am so glad you have had that time with your mother. Each of those days could be considered "Mothers Day". And it's great you both enjoyed them together!
    Laundry? That can be a very peaceful, warm time. I know that I really started to appreciate laundry day, after I had to work and leave my kids in daycare when they were so young. When that job was over, doing menial chores, like laundry, became a special time for me. I was back home, my kids were happy and so was I.
    Apprciate what you have and enjoy it every day.
    Happy Mothers Day!! Today, and tomorrow!! ;-)