Saturday, 23 June 2012

A couple of finishes

Orca Bay is DONE!  That's right, completely finished.  Pieced, quilted, bound and ready to use.  And only 6 months after the mystery was over.  I tried taking some pictures outside to get truer colours for this, but I might have to try again.  I really like the way this quilt turned out, although there were times when I wondered if I'd finish it.  Thank goodness for the Patchwork Times retreat in February, where the top was finished.  If not for that, I'd still have a bunch of pieces sitting around my sewing room.

The backing is pieced.  The leftover strips from the border were used here, along with some large sections.  I pieced on the outside of the purple section, because I love that fabric so much I didn't want to lose 4-8" in the quilting process (the excess backing needed and then cutoff later).  It's purple and black, and I thought the perfect colours to back this quilt.

This is the quilt that pushed me over the edge.  My Handi-Quilter Avanté should be here in about 4 weeks!

In other news, my June colour challenge is pieced.  I finished the table runner and placemats.  Two are shown here, but there are actually 4 mats.  This project did NOT go as planned.  I avoided it for weeks, and I now know why.  I should have sat down and done the calculations in detail, on paper, instead of relying on a rough sketch/calculation.

The placemats were supposed to have the french braid running vertically down the left side.  But the length of the piece was 6" too long when it was done. I have no idea how I got the calcuations that far wrong (and note that this was a second attempt, after completely blowing the center square size the first time).  You would think I'd have learned, but apparently not.  However, despite being different than planned, I do like the end result.  I bought fabric for binding today (I might have had enough, if I hadn't needed to recut all the placemats) and I hope to finish quilting this before the end of the month.

My favourite bit of the placemats is the the yellow piping around the center square.  That's a new technique for me, but it seemed like a good way to get a highlight of yellow in a very small piece, without driving myself crazy trying to stitch that accurately.  In the runner, the yellow is 1/2" and is pieced into the pattern.


  1. All your projects look great. It feels good to finish even the ones we don't like. My Orca Bay is still in the planning stages!!

  2. Love the Ocra Bay! Great colors!

  3. Congrats on ORCA! It's a "whale of a finish"! Sorry...couldn't resist!

  4. Yes, congratulations on the Orca Bay finish. I have set mine aside for other projects but I do hope to finish it someday.