Saturday, 30 June 2012

June Finishes

Yesterday was graduation day for my eldest.  He is now officially done with high school, and will be moving on to university in the fall.  He's not going too far, but he is headed into residence.  This quilt will, I hope, head there with him.  When I first started this quilt - the May colour challenge - Colin saw the center star and immediately asked for it.  So, I modified the design a little, to
stretch it to fit his bed better.

The quilting is freehand feathers, from Judy's feather lessons this month.  Her lessons were great! and I am happy with the way mine turned out.  The back of the quilt is pieced - again on request.  My youngest has a 2-sided quilt on his bed, while my eldest's current quilt has a plain back.  So, when this one was in progress he asked what the back would look like, and strongly suggested he'd like a design on it.   So how could I not oblige?  Besides, I didn't have a good backing choice anyway, so it needed to be pieced :)
And now the quilting is done and as soon as I have 5 minutes in the same room as him, I'll give him the quilt.

In other news, my placemats/table runner are finished. This is the June colour challenge, so I am thrilled to have completed them before the end of the month.  I stretched a bit with the quilting (I figured I could handle that, on something so small).  Found a design I liked (a center rose with vines/leaves on each side) and fit it to the french braid on the placemats.  My pounce worked GREAT for marking!  This is notable because if you remember I went through a lot of pain with a couple earlier quilts trying to figure out how to create a template, and what to use for marking.

On the table runner, I started with the same basic design, but drew it freehand so that I could enlarge it without just scaling the whole design up. I wanted the density of the quilting to be close to the same on all the pieces.  The lower half of the placemats are quilted with a freehand vine & leaf design.  For variety, I used 3 different binding colours between the 5 pieces.

Check out more June projects on Judy's blog.


  1. I love the carpenter star quilt pattern. I love that your son appreciates what you make for him. That is sweet. Your color challenge items are really nice. Great job all around!

  2. Love your placemats and tablerunner! What a great way to use the color palette challenge! (I REALLY need to make myself some new placemats!!)

  3. Your projects have turned out well. Isn't it neat to have a son that appreciates your quilting!?