Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Watercolour Bound

Editted to add:  Linking this up to Judy's UFO page today (June 30).  This wasn't the official UFO for the month, but it is the one I finished.

Binding is done, on my watercolour star!  I started this quilt back in September, and have worked on it somewhat regularly since then.  It is nice to have it complete!

I had actually planned to bind it with the same fabric I used for the backing.  But I completely forgot about that when I went to cut the binding, and I picked up one of the whites I'd used in the border instead.  I'm actually glad this happened - I think it looks better than the blue binding would have.

And on the back, the white border is a nice accent to the backing fabric.

I quilted the star with feathers - one of my first attempts to do this.  I still haven't washed the quilt, so if you look closely (or even not that closely) you can see all the pencil marks where I marked the feathers.

I really like the style I chose for the background (waves, radiating out along all the star points). But I do wish I had thought a bit more about the outer border before I did that.  I left a narrow white border, which messed up some ideas that were considered for the final border.

In the end, I went with more feathers, for the final border.  They certainly aren't perfect by any means, but I'm pleased with the end result.  Now to take a deep breath and toss this into the washer - with a few colour catchers, just in case some of the scraps I used were not previously washed.  Then, I'm going to post this on Etsy and see what happens.


  1. Love this quilt! Congrats on getting a UFO out of the way!

  2. Great job on this quilt Krista! I enjoyed watching it grow and think it is an amazing design.

  3. Congrats on finishing such a beautiful quilt!

  4. Very interesting star--I have never seen this intricate type of pattern before. Congrats on all the feathers--I have not gone there yet :) Good luck with the washing and selling!