Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wednesday progress

I realized that I'd been quiet here for a while, with nothing new posted, so I thought I'd join the Wednesday linky party and update you on what's been going on.  I haven't been idle, but nothing "new" is going on right now.  I did make a purchase on the weekend, of fabric for this month's colour challenge.  I know what I want to do there - just need to write out the block directions and cutting list for it.  And wash the fabric of course.

I finished another quilt on my long arm.  A small-ish quilt from a mystery earlier in the year.  Things are improving, and I am starting to understand the statement everyone makes about "watch where you are going, not where the needle is".  My curves are much smoother when I focus at the end of them, rather than where I am.

And I quilted a quilt for a friend on my long arm machine. I'm not really planning to quilt for others, but she was desperate to find someone to finish a quilt for a baby who arrived several weeks early. So I agreed to help her out, with the caveat that I'm still learning this thing :)

No pictures today, because my computer is acting up :(  My son has promised to re-image it for me, which I hope will resolve all the annoying issues.  And then I can get back to posting photos and updating my blog more frequently.


  1. You are a sweet friend to long arm a quilt for your friend on short notice:)

    May you learn lots more while longarming!!

  2. I'm jealous that you have a longarm. :) I have to wait until the kids are out of college, and I do get antsy sometimes. Just a couple more years, though. . . it'll go by fast enough. That was really nice of you to do one up for your friend!

  3. Looking forward to pictures of your projects.