Sunday, 3 March 2013

Stash Report - March 3

I pushed through last night, and finished the last borders on my Hunter's Star quilt.  I do admit that the thought of being able to report all that fabric as used had something to do with my dedication in getting it done :)

At 75" square, the quilt is a little bit smaller than I had hoped - but I was once again working with a limited amount of fabric, so I sized the quilt as necessary to avoid running out completely.  It used 7 1/2 yards of fabric.

When I posted the beginning of this quilt last week, lots of people asked about the ruler. So I thought I'd include a quick pic & summary today.  I used the "Rapid-Fire Hunter's Star" ruler.  There are 2 of them - one for large blocks (6-12" I think) and a Petite Star for smaller blocks (5-8").  The instructions are included, and are very clear.  Everything in this quilt is strip pieced, and there are no Y-seams.  And even better, you never  have to cut a single diamond.

Now that my quilt is done and I look more closely at the ruler, I see that the different size blocks will actually make slightly different looks.  The 8-pointed stars are the same size for each block size on one ruler - what changes is the spacing between them.  I think a 5-inch block may be on my list soon, so I can see the variation it gives (this quilt is 8" blocks).

Stash usage this week - 7 1/2 yards

Total stash usage this year: 58 1/2 yards out

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  1. It turned out great Krista!!! I have to get one of those rulers Thanks for showing it too.

  2. Very pretty. Congrats on the finish and congrats on having over 50 yards at the 2 month mark.

  3. Thanks for sharing the ruler - like the idea of no Y seams. Great quilt and great numbers.

  4. I have the ruler, too. I made a wallhanging and like it so much that - someday - I will make a bed quilt, too. Yours is darling!

  5. I have seen that ruler but never used it. Nice to have a report on it. Your quilt turned out great and nice fabric usage too.