Friday, 5 April 2013

On the needles - April 5

I've been under the weather for a few days.  How do I know I've been sick?  I haven't touched my quilting since Monday!  Home from work for 2 days, and not a single stitch taken.  I'm feeling better today (and back at work) but hopefully this weekend will see some sewing.

I did cast on a new knitting project yesterday.  These are my socks for Judy's pooling sock challenge - although I don't think they are going to work out.  I get random stripes.  I increased the rows and managed to turn it into diagonal striping for a section.  A few more stitches and I think now I have vertical stripes.  I think the yarn colouration is too regular for good pooling, but I'll keep knitting and see where it goes.

That leads to a question I have for any knitters who read my blog.  When I wind my yarn off the skein, I end up with serious twisting in it, as it comes off the ball.  This might not be a problem if I was knitting off one end of the yarn, but knitting 2 socks I have both ends running, and the twists are counter to each other so I can't just hang the work down and let them untwist.  Am I doing something wrong (winding in the wrong direction?). Or is it that I don't have a yarn swift?  Or am I just doomed to dealing with this?


  1. When I knit 2 socks at once, I wind the yarn into two balls by hand (I don't have a winder). I use a postage scale to weigh the yarn so that I get the balls fairly equal. Sorry I can't be more help. I like your yarn.

  2. I am about to start my first sock, so I am of no help. I do like your fiber color choice!

  3. Hope you're feeling better.

    One day, I'll get you to bring me into the world of sock knitters!!