Monday, 4 November 2013

Design Wall Monday - Nov 4

My design wall has some of my block of the month projects on it today.  I determined to catch up on last month's Downtown blocks (2 houses and a star), before the class on Wednesday.   However, as I was making the houses, I cut a piece wrong.  And of course it was one of the largest pieces.  These blocks are cut pretty close in the amount of fabric provided, so I didn't have a single scrap of the black to re-cut from, in that block set.

Fortunately, I picked up November's blocks on Saturday.  So I pulled them out, hoping I could find a way to squeeze an extra piece out of it.  Fortunately, the odd shape of the roof in the second house made this possible. So I cut my new pieces of roof and continued assembling the houses.  And then managed to cut a different piece in a mirror image to what I needed.  Sigh. I suppose a smart person might have taken a break at that point, but I pulled out the grey fabric this time and did some measuring.  And yes, it seemed I could get that piece out of the fabric for November also, by frugally using the leftover snippets from October's block.

Of course now, having stolen fabric from November, I felt that I had to make those houses, just to be sure I didn't mess up my calculations.  So, I pushed on and now have 4 houses and one star complete.  Just one more star to go and I'm not only caught up, but a bit ahead of the game.

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  1. Very nice colors! I love the stars. Are they paper pieced?