Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Quilting in Space!

Astronaut Karen Nyberg Displays Quilt Block And you thought you had it tough.  Astronaut Karen Nyberg is sewing a quilt block during her time on the International Space Station.  She talks a bit about some of the challenges of quilting in space, in this clip. http://www.space.com/23436-space-quilt-astronaut-karen-nyberg.html.  Things I never would have thought of - like how do you keep your fabric flat and straight for cutting, with no gravity.  And how do you keep all your tools, and scraps, and thread bits corralled - I think I'd be in really big trouble in space, since I can never seem to put things away as I use them.

She's also inviting all quilters to make blocks to join hers in a quilt for the 40th annual International Quilt Festival in Houston next year.  Maybe it's time to plan a trip to the quilt show.

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  1. Hi Krista - I have followed Karen Nyberg on Twitter since I found out she was a quilter - I guess their clothing is "burned up" in space rather then laundered for obvious resaons and she's making some fabric patches from some of them to in corporate into blocks - all by hand - fascinating and what a "special quilt" they'll be a part of! At least her "threads" aren't sticking to her like mine do - they'll just be floating all over! Btw - I see you're from Kanata - we're practically 'neighbours' - I live in Munster! Great blog!