Wednesday, 1 January 2014

January Goals

I enjoyed setting goals each month last year, so I thought I would continue this year.  I'm not sure if the linky over at Patchwork Times is going to continue, but I'll forge ahead on my own if I have to :)

January has started off with a bang.  2 quilts yesterday, in the New Year's Eve mystery (ok, that's not really January), and another one finished today, in the New Year's Day mystery. I had a lot of fun, but I think that two one-day mysteries, in two days is just a bit of overkill. Next year I'll be a bit more selective.

This quilt was fun to make, and is a bit more scrappy than it looks in the picture. But I do wish I'd had the nerve to pull a bunch of different dark fabrics, rather than sticking to one colour.  I guess it would make a good Canadian Quilt of Valor, but more likely it's going to Victoria's Quilts, once I get some flannel for the backing.

Tomorrow's plan is to head to a fabric sale.  I have 3 quilts that need backing, and I'm sure more fabric will jump into my basket while I'm there.  I know, I promised accountability in my stash reports this year - this just means I may be starting with a great big negative number.  But this week's quilt tops will help that situation.

As for January's goals, I need to get back to work. Three customer quilts are languishing on my shelf, so they are priority #1. Then maybe I can get a quilt or two of my own off the UFO pile.
  1. quilt 3 customer quilts
  2. quilt last year's Bonnie Hunter top what the heck was it called? Easy Street (Thanks Swooze)
  3. attach hanging sleeve to swoon quilt, so it can go to the quilt shop for display
  4. catch up on Downtown and Tell it to the Stars BOM projects
 Yep, that should keep me busy this month :)  And maybe more importantly - don't start any new projects (hah!).


  1. Whew, two quilts in two days! You ARE ambitious! Love the red and white. I've given up on setting goals for more than a day at a time, and then I often don't meet them. So plans only for 5 quilts so far this year, 3 of them fabrics gathered, 1 in my head, and the last one will be a joint project with the other new grandmother-to-be. That's enough for me! LOL!

  2. Love your An Oldie but Goodie, it is beautiful. Congratulations for quilting a ton during the first day of 2014.