Thursday, 16 January 2014

More UFOs

The other day I realized that I was losing my quilting mojo.  I just wasn't eager to get into my sewing room, like I usually am.  I chalked it up to holiday overload at first - after all, I finished 9 quilt tops in December, and quilted 6 customer quilts in the 10 days before Christmas.  But it wasn't going away, so I sat down and analyzed it a bit.  I realized that I wasn't rushing into my sewing room, because I didn't have a project going.  I have a bunch of block of  the month, but once the month is done, I have to wait.

I had told myself no starting new projects this year - I have enough BOMs to keep me busy and I should quilt the tops I do have.  But apparently that just doesn't work.  As soon as I gave myself permission to start something new (after I finish my BOMs for the month - I do have to keep some limits on myself), I was suddenly eager to quilt again.  This will likely result in more UFOs this year, but maybe I'll be able to convince myself to get some of my quilts on the long arm, too.

I have a quilt picked out. It sort of has a January deadline, but if it's not done, no big loss. I'm going to make a quilt from Judy's scrap challenge block this month - from my scraps!  But first, a couple of things to get out of the way.

I finished my Celtic Solstice top - because now I have something else to look forward to.  And I (almost) caught up on my BOMs.  I remembered last night that I am supposed to be be doing a BOM for my quilt guild.  I didn't like one of the first steps, so I was waiting for enough information to come out so that I could figure out how to adjust that step.  That came last night, so I dug out the fabric and went to work tonight.  All caught up on Step 3 now.

My quilting mojo is back - but I'd better get my samples prepared for the class I'm teaching on Saturday, before I do anything else tonight.


  1. Love your lay-out for Celtic Solstice. Very well done!

  2. Very nice variation of the layout of the mystery! And I like what you did with the border, too.