Thursday, 2 January 2014

What's up in 2014

As I printed off the instructions for yet another BOM, I thought it might be a good idea to once again list what I'm up to this year, for myself more than anything.  Maybe I'll have a hope of keeping up if I print this out and post it somewhere.

Block the Month Projects
  1. Downtown (paper pieced stars and houses)
  2. Toes in the Sand (triangles galore, from Jaybird Quilts)
  3. Border Creek Station mystery (finish in October)
  4. Bonnie Hunter Celtic Solstice mystery (finish in January) 
  5. Tell it to the Stars mystery BOM from Patchwork Times 
  6. Patchwork Times scrappy challenge
  7. Rainbow scrap challenge (which might be combined with the one above, if I pick my colours carefully)
Tops that need quilting:

There are: 1. Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street - Jan 2013; 2. Lattice Squares - April 2013; 3. BBQ - summer 2013; 4. Christmas Wall hanging - Nov 2013; 5. 3-D Maze - Nov 2013; 6 Charity quilt - Dec 2013; 7. Back to Square One - Dec 2013; 8. Pink Diamond Star - Dec 2013; 9. New Year's Eve mystery - Jan 2014; 10. Baby mystery - Jan 2014; 11. Building Blocks - April 2011 (or 2010?); 12. Starburst - early 2012; 13 - colour challenge - 2012; 14. An Oldie but a Goodie - Jan 2014; 15. Retreat Challenge - Nov 2013

In reality, over half of them are from the last 2 months, so I guess that's not so bad.

Now, if I can convince myself not to start anything new until I am caught up on my BOM for the current month, and I can plan to quilt one of my tops each month, I may actually manage to finish the year with fewer UFOs than I started with.

Anyone taking bets on how well that plan works?  :)

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