Monday, 30 March 2015

No border

Being my typical self, I neglected to consider binding, when I was examining my border options for the quilt yesterday.  So, the answer is, no border. Because I need that fabric to bind it :)  I'm going to cut the strips a bit wider than usual, and aim for a 1/2" binding, to match the sashing dimension.  That is the way I was leaning originally anyway (no border), so the fabric situation just reinforces the decision.

In the meantime, while I pondered the options and read all your lovely comments, I finished the companion quilt.  This one gets a narrow border (it's about 2" finished) and then binding in the same fabric.  It finishes at 60x80, which should make it just about perfect for the twin bed that will (at least temporarily) be in the spare room.

And now my next quilt is up on the design wall. This was supposed to be a calmer version of Chain Reaction, but I don't think it's working out that way. 

Maybe I'll try adding a sashing (if I can figure out the math for how wide to make it) to separate the individual blocks more.

Or maybe I should scrap the fabric I've used for the hexagons and try something less busy there.


  1. Your top quilt is beautiful and will look great without a border. Your Chain Reaction quilt is quite busy. I had trouble making out the nine patch squares in the design. I love the hexagon fabric, but something less busy will allow the pattern to stand out more. Your colors are great!

  2. I love the color palette for your Chain Reaction quilt, but I agree with your option to try something less busy for the hexagons. You might find that the calmer effect you're after is easier to achieve with a less busy fabric. Do you have enough of the hexagon print to use for borders?

  3. that wider bonding should do it Krista...its a lovely quilt! the one on the wall is really neat