Sunday, 8 March 2015

Stash Report - Mar 8

I've already counted all the fabric from the finishes I showed yesterday. But I can count 4 yards out for finishing my light neutrals quilt.  And here they are - both neturals quilts, taken in the same lighting.  This quilt pattern is from Amy Ellis's "Modern Neutrals".

These 2 quilts are made from the same set of strips. I just reversed which strip the large squares were cut from. I defnitely like the lighter version better.

Nothing came in this month, so my stash totals continue to drop towards a positive number.  Look!  Single digit negative number!!

4 yards out, nothing in this week.

Stash totals for the year:
80.5 yards in
72.25 yards out
Total: 8 1/4 yards in

Drop by Judy's blog to see how everyone else is doing this week.


  1. I like them both! Love the illusion of curves. This is one I want to try.

  2. Do you shop at Mad About Patchwork? I was there a couple of weeks ago. The fabric calls my name and jumps onto the table to be cut for me to take it home! I thought there was curved piecing in your quilts until I took a closer look. They are beautiful!

  3. Beautiful quilts. It's interesting how just changing the position of the strips can shift the feel of a project. Great stash busting this year so far. Good luck getting all the way back to the black.

  4. Both quilts are eye catching. I can't decide which I like better. Your numbers are going the right way and very impressive usage for the year!