Sunday, 17 July 2011

Stash Report - July 17

I didn't expect to do very much quilting this weekend.  I had plans for my gardens, and it is a beautiful sunny weekend so I expected to spend the majority of it outside.  Yesterday morning I headed out  to get started.  And I quickly returned inside for the bug repellant. My goodness there were a lot of mosquitoes out there.  And stubborn ones. Even with the repellant on, they continued to attack. I don't think I lasted more than 1/2 hour outside, before I surrendered and came back in.  Hot, sweaty, and covered in bites.  I spent the rest of the day inside - which had some good effect for my quilting progress at least.

I'm now at a point where I can officially count the fabric for my dragon.  He's not very big, so 1 yard used this week.

Totals for this year:
Overall, 15.75 yards in, 47.25 yards out.
Net for the year:  31.5 yards out.

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  1. Now those are some impressive numbers! I'd love to see your dragon. What's the setting? Sandi