Monday, 28 May 2012

Design wall Monday - May 28

I've been busy this weekend doing the quilting on my Orca Bay quilt.  But in between that, I put together 9 blocks for this month's Block Lotto.  I haven't participated lately, but when I saw this block I just had to try it out.

I'd love to say Orca Bay will be finished today, but work calls, so it will likely take a few more days to finish that up.  Then I can do the borders on the watercolour star, and I'll have made some small progress towards reducing my pile of quilts ready to be quilted.

Having fought with Orca Bay, which isn't that big a quilt (60x72), I am starting to think I should look at getting myself a long-arm machine.  Stuffing full-size quilts through my Husqvarna-Viking is not a lot of fun.  Anyone out there want to talk me into (or out of) a long-arm? Or have advice to offer?


  1. I quilt anything lap size or smaller on my Pfaff, and everything bigger goes out to my long arm quilter. She does beautiful work, worth every penny.
    I don't make many bed quilts, so it works for me.

  2. My retirement gift to me was my HQ16, a purchase I have never regretted. I love being able to quilt anything on it: yesterday I quilted the front and back of an appliqued pillow. Last week it was a table runner and placemats and the week before it was a bed quilt. Lots of fun, learning curve for sure, but everything gets done by me and I love it.

  3. With the volume of quilting you do, you NEED one!

  4. I started out with one of those table top was a good way to start. I decided I liked to do the quilting part, too. After 3 years I graduated to my APQS Liberty (smaller throat) and enjoy the entire process. I suggest you try out a machine at a show or local shop just to see if you like the way it feels. Some days all that standing is hard on the back....those days I sit and piece.

  5. How neat! Can't wait to see your finished Orca Bay too!

  6. I think you should invest in a long-arm machine. You love this hobby/passion/obsession/addiction/compulsion/soul-soother/mediation/creative outlet, and I think you should go for it!!!!

    And I know you would make that machine rock!! And sing!! And you would have fun right along with it!!!!

    So, my vote: go for it!!!! Go find the one you love and enjoy the search!!