Sunday, 23 September 2012

Stash Report Sept 23

I have nothing to report used this week. I've been working on my hexagon quilt.  Still trying to convince myself it's not PacMan, but I think it's a losing battle.  I showed it to some more people yesterday, and every one of them said "PacMan", unprompted.  I've started to assemble rows now, so it is starting to come together slowly.

Oh, I forgot. I  did use 2 yards of fabric, for the little baby quilt that I used to test out my pantograph.  So that's something out. Once again, we aren't talking about what came in. Suffice it to say, I have a batik quilt in the planning stages, and lots of fabric to work with :)

Stash usage this year: 145 yards out
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  1. I like the thought of focusing on what went out rather than what came in!

  2. Focusing on what goes out really lets you see how productive your year has been.

  3. I've been keeping a spreadsheet, listing each project and how much fabric was used for the top, backing and binding. It's fun to see the list grow during the year. My numbers jump in irregular leaps, as I only count the fabric used when the project is complete!
    Remember - it's not a race!!!

  4. You have a lot going out! LOL. I am right there with you~


  5. Like Kate I like how you think - numbers of outgoing fabric. I think I may use that next year as my reporting.

  6. Ooooohhhh -- batiks!!! You have to add batiks every now and then to give your stash sparkle :*)