Friday, 21 September 2012

What's on your Needles

Once again it's Friday, and Judy is asking "What's on your needles today?"  I have one and two-half socks.  Seems an odd number, doesn't it?  I finally decided that my yarn was not going to even out before I finished my second sock.  And I was going to have almost a full sock worth of yarn left over.  So, I abandoned the dark one, and started a new second sock. 

The match is closer, although as I look at my ball of yarn I suspect it will still end darker than I wanted.  I did consider knitting this one top down, to match the first bottom up sock.  But I haven't knit enough socks to know if the end result would really be symmetrical, so I decided to take a chance on bottom up and I hope I finish before I hit the really dark section of yarn.  I am really tired of this yarn now, so I think regardless of the result, we are going to call it a match and be done.

And in quilting news, I cut more triangles and plastered them up on my wall.  One more row to go. I think I've decided to stick with the light triangles.  But I do see some areas I don't like, so I will probably be rearranged the layout a bit before it's done.


  1. I have yet to try knitting socks. Both of your projects look fun!

  2. very cool yarn for the socks! Looks like a Pac Man quilt striking colors and design

  3. This is what I love about knitting socks. You never really know how they will end up. Sometimes they match up great, other times you get the quirky, fun socks that you know are made from the same yarn but are totally different. I think your socks looks great!
    And your quilt is fun! I love the bright, happy colors.

  4. One pair of socks that I knit just didn't match up at all. I finally realized that one of the balls of yarn had been wound backwards. If I had used one of the balls from the center and the other from the outside all would have been right, but I used both from the outside and the stripes of the self-striping yarn went in different directions. Oh well. I left it because who will know? Right, I just told everyone. *grin*

  5. Seems to me I've seen socks sold that are purposely mismatched, so however yours turn out, you'll be right in style. Love that quilt, such bright, cheery colors!