Monday, 24 February 2014

Design Wall Monday - Feb 24

My design wall is now holding the backing for my latest quilt.  I found enough black in my stash for the back, and decided to use up all the leftover bits I had (or most of them anyway).  That's why the colour sequencing is a bit off this time.  Those little tiny 1" squares of green are all I had left.

The quilt itself can be seen here.

I spent yesterday at a sew-in day with a great group of ladies from the modern quilt guild. Rather than starting a new project (which was very tempting ) I packed up my paper piecing block of the month project and focused on getting caught up there. I finished 2 star blocks, and got half-way through 2 house blocks.  Not too bad I guess. It was a bit optimistic to think I could finish the 7 blocks I was behind :)  The star blocks still need to be trimmed to size, but I didn't have my 12" square with me so I'll get to that later this week.

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  1. Your color block quilt is so cool!! And the backing will be so much fun. Your layout is so striking. The top reminds me of falling stars.... The streak in the middle with the flashes going out from it. Just beautiful.