Sunday, 9 February 2014

Stash Report - Feb 9

5 yards. That's what the mail man brought me this week.  I bought it a week or so ago, but until it arrives in the house, it doesn't count :)  I found the background fabric for my current quilt online, and I needed more so I ordered 5 yards - more than I need, but I do love this fabric and I know it will find a home.  And this way, my free-form quilt design won't be stifled by not having enough.

And, what's the yardage in a layer cake?  I guess I have to count that too, since I caved in yesterday and picked one up while I was at the shop. 42 10" squares - let's call that 3 yards.

so that's 8 yards in, and nothing out this week.

Totals for the year:
 200 1/2 yards in
 21 1/2 yards out
Total: 179 yards in

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  1. I'll bet you have a very lovely stash. =) It will stand you in good stead in times that money is hard to come by.