Monday, 11 August 2014

Design Wall Monday - Aug 11

It's been another productive weekend in the sewing room.  I finished up my Border Creek Station mystery quilt top.  When I got to the final stages, I looked at the fabric that had been selected for the borders, and I hated it.  My fabric is not the standard fabric for this quilt - it was selected by me with some help at the store.  But when I put it together, it looked terrible - both border fabrics were very dark, and they didn't quite match the other purples, and itmade the quilt just sooooo purple. 

So I did a bit of hunting through my stash - and found nothing usable. And I refused to buy any more fabric for this quilt. But, I had lots of fabric left over from the rest of the quilt  - not sure why I had so much, but I'm not complaining. I tried a few options, and came up with this arrangement which I am very happy with.  The original border fabric will head into the stash for another project, another day.  It's still a purple quilt, but I knew that heading in. And now I think the look more closely mirrors the original plan.

And then, continuing the spirit of not buying any more fabric (well, trying not to anyway), I found some fabric in my stash for the backing. Not quite enough of it, but I still had even more of the quilt fabric left over. And an extra block, because I changed the shape from a bed runner to a lap quilt.

This arrangement was a total surprise, however.  I knew the leftover block would go in the middle.  And the 4 patches seemed like a good idea, because they reflect the 4-patches on the front. Then I was looking at the remaining spots - I considered 1/2 square triangles, but decided I liked quarter square better. And I had just enough of the 2 purples for that to work.  I debated the orientation, but decided I liked the way the lighter purple extended the middle block. Then I put it together and stepped back to take a picture - and noticed the star I had come up with :)

Now this is all off my design wall and neatly folded, into the "quilt me" pile.  And I'm debating my next project - finish Toes in the Sand, or start something new.  I've been doing so well on my finishing kick that I think finishing is going to win out.

Drop by Judy's blog to see what everyone else has on their design walls today.


  1. The little bit of gold in your quilt makes the whole thing sparkle. It's fun to see what we can come up with from our stash! Great tops!

  2. Nice job! Way to go on using from your stash.

  3. Very nice finish. Both the front and back are lovely. You could use it either way.