Friday, 15 August 2014

Removing Blue Lines

I posted the other day about my difficulty in removing the blue lines from one of those water-soluble (yah, right) markers on a quilt. I think the lines may have been ironed, which will set them pretty much permanently.

But I really wanted to get them out, and avoid replacing the 2 blocks with marks.  First, I tried a few suggestions I found on the internet. Soaking in water - removed all but these last 2 areas. I tried vinegar.  I tried cream of tartar (mixed with vinegar). I even tried a Tide Stick (TM).

Searching on-line, I found this promising product with some pretty good reviews Blue Line Eraser. But shipping from the US is more than the product actually costs, and that's just annoying. 

A bit more googling, and I found a suggestion to use hairspray. Hairspray? Really?  Well, in fact, YES! That stuff was a miracle cure.  I sprayed one section of the quilt with 3 or 4 lines on it, and literally watched them disappear.  Then I rinsed the quilt to remove the hairspray, and after drying the marks are completely gone!

Went back and treated the rest of block, gave it a rinse, and you can't even tell the marks were there.


  1. Great! I wondered if you found a solution.

  2. I've used hairspray to remove ball point ink from clothing. It is a strange product to use as a stain remover, but it does work!