Saturday, 3 January 2015

Order from Chaos

Well, some order, anyway.  Here is the state of some of the projects I've been working on over the New Year. 

This is the mystery from QTMysteryQuilts yahoo group.  The sashing strips are cut and ready to attach. I have to check my theory on the sashing to determine if there are corner stones or not.  I have 16 1.5" black squares left I think, so I suspect that's what they are used for.  I'm really happy with how this quilt came out. I almost bailed on it, when the pre-cutting instructions said to cut over 400 1.5" squares.  But I held off and managed to strip piece the first couple of steps instead of fiddling with little tiny pieces.  With that adjustment, things were much easier/quicker, and I'm glad I did this mystery.

Next, Merry Mayhem's mystery "Regatta". I think I'm seeing the connection to the title now, and I understand why she recommended light blue for the background. I didn't have any, so went ahead with beige. I have a light blue that I might use for the backing, however.  I still have borders to attach to this one, and the rows to assemble. (and I wish the photo was rotated the right way up).

And finally, Judy's ( Tell it to the Stars mystery.  One more border to add, but I haven't decided which colour to use yet. The one she recommends is my least favourite colour in this quilt (only picked because I had enough fabric - and now I see why it needed the quantity she called for).  The outer border is supposed to be the dark beige-y colour in the pieced border. But I'm considering using one of the purples instead.  I might have picked the yellow, but I don't have enough of that left.

No pictures of the mystery yet.  I'm still assembling blocks on that one. And Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion is waiting for design wall space once I get the red/black/white quilt off it.


  1. I love the idea of using a purple border on your Tell it to the Stars, I think it will really pop.

  2. You have been very busy. I love the Stars mystery, different colors and beautiful.

  3. Looks like you weren't bored. They are all lovely and I like the colours you used.