Tuesday, 3 January 2023

Woven Quilt

I quilted this design for a few customers, and wanted to try it out. I used ombre fabrics that changed color throughout. An interesting result, but not exactly what I was hoping for. Finished in 2022

 Time for a UFO count. A few of us have challenged each other to end 2023 with fewer UFOs than we started with. This of course requires knowing where I stand today. Turns out things are not nearly as bad as I thought they were.  At a guess, I would have said I had >20 reading for quilting. But I had a productive year in 2022, so that number is way down.  Over the next few days, I'll hopefully catch up on posting my finishes.

Ready for quilting:

  1. Block of the Week - started 2014
  2. Winding Ways - 2015 KQG Crayola challenge
  3. Edge of 17 shop hop - 2015
  4. Tell it to the Stars - 2014 Judy Laquidara quilt along
  5. Reflections of the North - 2015
  6. Paper pieced houses (Downtown) - 2013
  7. 3-D cubes (Paul Leger class) - 2017
  8. Improve - Krista Hennebury 2017
  9. Row by row - Water theme - 2015
  10. Symmetry in Stars fractal - 2019
  11. Slow and Steady (2021 mystery)
  12. Rainbow Cats - 2019
  13. Butterfly OBW - 2022
  14. Starburst - 2018
  15. OBW stripes - 2019
  16. Jelly roll quilt - 2022

And a few in progress:

  1. Chillhowie [at Midnight] - Bonnie Hunter
  2. 2022 BOM
  3. blue/white One Block Wonder
  4. Jacob's ladder leader/ender
  5. CQA mystery ($3.31)
  6. Star is Born virtual retreat quilt
  7. Snowman BOM (2014)
  8. Gardener's Alphabet (2013?) 
  9. Cathedral Window
  10. Apple core
  11. mini checkerboard
  12. Ombre geese
  13. Owl embroidery
  14. little bear
  15. Fall Foliage
  16. Hexi stars
  17. Canada Geese
  18. Northern Animals

Done this year

  1. Merry Mayhem Jan 1 mystery
  2. Dancing 9-patch
  3. Bonnie Hunter Unity

Monday, 15 August 2022

2019 Mystery


I designed this quilt as a mystery for my guild, back in 2019. It turned out to be a bit more difficult than I planned, as it was pieced with minimal seams. No y-seams, but lots of triangle work.  If I were to do it again, I'd replace most of those odd pieces with HSTs and make the assembly simpler, even if it means more pieces to work with.

The pattern is available here

Tuesday, 29 December 2020

Good Fortune

Two years ago, I worked on Bonnie Hunter's mystery – Good Fortune. As I posted back then, I had some quilter's remorse as the clues progressed here.  This was the breaking point here

I put aside a lot of the pieces, and redid my colours for Good Fortune, ending up with a quilt I liked much better.



But I saved all those rejects, telling myself that I would do something with them.  They were definitely Christmas colours, so a Christmas quilt came out of it.  I pieced it last year, and finally this Christmas got it onto the longarm for quilting.



Thursday, 24 December 2020


This quilt was a project I started back in about 2014.  It was a series of paper pieces blocks, both stars and houses. I decided early on that I didn't like the finished project, combining both types of blocks together, so I separated them out and decided to make two charity quilts from them.  Borders on this one were based on a border I had seen – I loved the asymmetrical look with the geese in only two corners.  As you can see, I chickened out on fully asymmetrical, and made the top left and bottom right match.


In retrospect, I don't really like those cornerstones that ended up on the outside of the stars.  They either needed to be left out completely, or to be defined with another border before the geese, I think.


Sunday, 13 December 2020

Easy Street

In the spirit of Christmas, and as Bonnie Hunter's annual mystery gets ramped up, I've decided it's time to give myself the gift of finishing some quilts. I took a couple of weekends in the longarm studio, and devoted them to my own projects, some older than others :) 

This quilt is Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street quilt, hey mystery project from 2012. Piecing was completed way back then, and it's waited patiently for its turn on the long arm. Quilted, bound, and the label is ready to go on. 

Tuesday, 10 November 2020


Bonnie Hunter's mystery, Frolic. I had picked up some fabrics I loved, in anticipation of this mystery. Unfortunately, my blues and greens did not have the contrast they needed to fully display the patten. But I love the colour combo.