Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Butterfly Done!

The butterfly one-block wonder is now complete and bound!  I hunted for binding for this quilt - the grey is a little bit on the green side, and the black in the border is not a true black, so it was challenging to find a matching fabric.  A friend actually pulled out this batik for me, and it works great.

This makes my sixth finish for January, which puts me well ahead of schedule. Hopefully I can keep this up, and avoid starting new projects.

I added cubes to this quilt, which nicely filled out the number of hexagons I had to make the rows all even.  I quilted it with a pantograph called "optical illusion", which I sized and rotated to fit into the cubes, to help enhance the 3-D look.  Borders were quilted with Quilt Path, so the straight lines are nice and straight, and evenly spaced.  Getting them to the precise 45 degree angle was a challenge, but by the time I finished the fourth I had it all figured out :)

Monday, 4 February 2019

Celtic Links

I needed to design (on short notice) a mystery quilt for a guild this year. This was my first stab at it, but I decided the assembly was too much of the same thing, and not well suited to be an interesting mystery. But, I still liked the design. So I made it up from some stash fabric at one of my retreats. And eventually the pattern will get finished and posted on my Etsy store.

Saturday, 2 February 2019

One-Fabric Quilt

This poor quilt has been in my UFO pile for ages. I bought the fabric - a border print - way back in 2013 or 2014. It was going to be a final border for a mystery quilt, because it was from the same line as the rest of the fabrics I bought.  But in the end, it did not work out AT ALL. The border print was much too busy and heavy for the quilt that we ended up with (with lots of empty background space).

So, the print went into the stash.  Then one day I saw a book on "one fabric quilts" and thought it looked interesting. So I picked it up and pulled this fabric from my stash.  In the end, I didn't like the One Fabric process - it was quite wasteful. So I fudged a bit, to get the maximum blocks I could from my fabric. That meant that my blocks were all unique, rather than getting many of each of two different blocks.  So the layout is a bit creative. And you can see here how busy the fabric was, since the "background" in this quilt is quite busy.

This is now complete and bound, and will be headed out as a donation quilt to one of my guilds this month.