Saturday, 17 December 2011

Thinking ahead

Grant's quilt
Colin's quilt
Pillow Cases
I've been thinking ahead to 2012 recently.  Judy is going to run another UFO challenge, so I'm rounding up my projects to see what I have to add to the list this year. The 2011 challenge was great, and I finished 10 projects out of the 12 on my list - and I didn't join the challenge until June.   So in 2012 I should be able to make excellent progress.  I love to play along - but next year I think my biggest challenge might be that I did such a good job this year, that I don't have very many UFOs hanging around.  That's a good thing, I know.  But I'm a little sad that I might be left out of the fun.

Here is what I have so far on my list to finish next year:
  1. Grant's quilt
  2. Colin's quilt
  3. Watercolour star
  4. Indigo star
  5. pink and green baby quilt
  6. pillow cases for ConKerr cancer (one of the 2 projects from 2011 that didn't get finished)
  7. a stack and whack quilt that is cut out

That's only 7, so I need 5 more projects.  I have a number of small quilts waiting for binding, so they go on the list.  I have a "quilt as you go" project that I'm not enjoying, but I'd like to finish and get out of my house. And a few orphan blocks that could possibly be turned into medallion quilts.  But I think it's going to be a stretch to find 12 items for the UFO challenge.  I suppose that's good news, but I don't want to be left out of the fun.

In addition to the UFOs, and the Colour Palette Challenge, I'm thinking about challenging myself to make one baby quilt every month, for donation.  I tried that a couple of years ago, and petered out after about 4 months.  But maybe if I make it part of my UFO challenge (in that I don't want these to turn into UFOs :) ), then I'll be able to keep it up all year.  I really would like to see the end of some of my novelty fabrics this year.


  1. Oh, gee. I'm sorry you don't have 12 -- would you like to finish some of mine? Really, I have plenty! I really love Grant's quilt -- what is that pattern?

  2. Wow! You finished 10 out of your 12 last year? I finished 3! You are doing very well. Good luck with this year's list.

  3. I say lucky you don't have 12! Good luck!

  4. Maybe as you go along you will find more to add to your list? I think you should definealy play along!!

  5. Great idea for those novelty prints...maybe when I get to a year where I don't overflow my UFO list I'll keep that idea in mind! Glad you will be joining the fun. It really helps to play when you see others getting so much done.

  6. If you don't have the projects to finish up 12 why not add in patterns that you have been collecting that you just want to make? I've been doing that since I usually start and finish a project before I move to the next. Sandi

  7. I didn't have 12 either but I added in 3 projects that I have been wanting to do but keep putting off. Like they've been waiting for 2 years for me to start. And one of those I divided into 4 parts because it's big. I'm sure you've got something hiding you've wanted to make but haven't gotten to . . . .

  8. You are my hero! 10 out of 12 finished since June? Very Impressive!! I dream of one day being at a point where I am looking for projects to make.

    And you don't have 12 for this year's list? Well that just means for every top you finish this year you have to make another new one!

  9. 10 out of 12 in six months? That's impressive! I love your idea of adding a baby quilt project to even out your UFO list! What a kind and generous idea! Good luck with your goals next year!

  10. I am amazed that you have such a small UFO list because you are such a busy quilter and are always working on interesting things!